Can DS surgery get delayed for a headcold???

on 2/20/12 9:57 pm - Comstock Park, MI
My DS surgery is scheduled for this Thursday morning. I have been working on acheiving this surgery for a year and a half. Yesterday, I started sneezing, nose stuffed up, I feel like I am getting a headcold.

Now I am worried that my surgery could be postponed because of it.... Anybody have any thoughts as to if they may postpone the surgery over a headcold?  
on 2/21/12 12:09 am - Crossville, TN
Congrats to you.

My surgery was NOT postponed because of my cold.  I got sick on Thursday called surgeon on friday and had surgery on Monday. 

Both surgeon and PCP said to start Z pack but stop day before.  So that is my story.  LOL

Good luck, congrats and be ready it is awesome.

Keep us posted

on 2/21/12 12:21 am - Comstock Park, MI
Thanks for the feedback. I don't think Z pack would really help with a common headcold. I need to get a thermometer to check my temperature and if I am not running a temp, I think I should be ok.
on 2/21/12 2:35 am - Caledonia, MI
DS on 03/12/12
I certainly hope you are not getting a cold.  I know sometimes they can postpone a surgery if you are running a fever, it would just be a lot of trauma on your body.   Rest, hydrate and everything should be fine.  My fingers are crossed for you.

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on 2/22/12 2:16 am - Cary, NC
 I would reschedule if I was you.  I made the mistake of having surgery with a head cold.  -sigh-  Pnemonia set in quickly for me because of it.  

Anesthesia is nothing to mess around with.  100% health is what you need when you go into this surgery.
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