How many of y'all DSERS use Vitalady? Is this the best way to go?

Misty P.
on 5/20/12 4:52 am - AUSTIN, TX
DS on 07/02/12
 Good afternoon from Texas. I'm hoping to have the DS within the next six weeks. And was curious, is the Vitalady the way to go as far as vitamins? I figured I would start a few weeks before surgery just to already get used to them, as well as my system already having them in it. Any input? I see she has a ds beginners pre packaged deal for around $350 for a 3 month supply.... 

Ty for any info!

on 5/20/12 5:01 am - VA
I think Vitalady is the way to go. I tried my surgeon's plan and it just wasn't enough for me. When you start them adjust down the doses for your normal intestinal routing. The doses are very high for the DS due to our malabsorption. Also, when you start the iron, start with only one capsule a day and add another the second week, and a third the third and so on. Do you have labs to help you now or are you scheduled for labs?

I think I would also only take 1 capsule of the vitamin A 3 days a wee****il after your surgery.


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Misty P.
on 5/20/12 5:56 am - AUSTIN, TX
DS on 07/02/12
 I am scheduled for Wednesday so start my process. I will post them somewhere on my profile or send them to Vitalady. Hmm, she would need before and after right? Her prices seem very reasonable too. And pre packaged as well? Nice! Ty Gina

Karen W.
on 5/20/12 7:20 am
 Vitalady has great products and higher doses for us DSers and she will answer questions about your personal labs if she is available. The only problem with her is she has high shipping rates. I have ordered a lot of my vitamins from Puritan Pride, VitaCost, or Vitamin Shoppe and have gotten lower shipping rate or even free shipping if you order above a certain amount.  The latest was free shipping at Vitamin  Shoppe if you order over $25, which is not very hard to do if you have several vitamins you need to order.  I think, though, that Vita Lady has the high amount of D3-50 which most of us need, but if you have a Costco nearby, you can order this same D3-50 from them and the Code # is 139-9567, for $22 a bottle, and of course, no shipping, you just go pick it up. It is a special order and when you call there you tell them you know other people in other states have ordered this product from them. At first they might try to tell you t hey don't have it, well they do not have it in stock, but can special order it for sure. Good luck.
on 5/20/12 7:49 am
We prefer to use Vitalady.
1) She carries the amounts we need
2) As a small business owner, she needs our support. Without small business, we would be stuck with someone who doesn't have our best interest in mind.
3) She and Don spend time helping out others with their dosing.
4) She spends time each year going to the ASBMS trying to get surgeons to see the light!

And besides, if the order is large enough, she will ship for free.


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Karen W.
on 5/20/12 8:04 am
 I tend to order about $100 each time, sometimes less. I was never told it could be shipped for free. Again if it is lower, I do not like spending exces on shipping when i can save some money as things are tight.
on 5/20/12 8:14 am
Shipping Rates for Viataldy are located here:

Standard Shipping & Handling Fees as of July 2011:

Order total = Amount for Shipping

$10.00 – $24.99 = $ 7.95

$25.00 – $49.99 = $ 10.95

$50.00 – $99.99 = $12.95

$100.00 – $199.99 = $14.95

$200.00 – $299.99 = $15.95

Orders over $300.00 = Free Shipping

Duodenal Switch (Lap) 01-24-11 | Surgeon: Stephen Boyce | High weight: 250 in 2002 | Surgery weight: 203 | Lowest weight: 121 | Current weight: 135 | Goal weight: 135


on 5/20/12 1:03 pm, edited 5/20/12 2:19 am
I use three sources for my ADEKs -

Pro Health
Extreme Dry D 50,000 IU

Lucky Vitamin

Dry A 25,000 IU

Dry E 400 IU (I adjust the dosage for the right amount)

Dry K1 100 mcg (I take 7-8) looking for a higher mcg per tablet, but this works for now.

Dry K2 5,000 mcg ( I take 2)

Lifetime liquid Cal-Mag with D (blueberry and Pina Colada are my favorites) I have a tough time with calcium, and have out of the gate, so I take both dry and liquid.

I also order other singles, like chelated Zinc (be sure it's chelated - otherwise you're wasting money), iron, B1, C and B Complex

I also use a local store, Harmony Market, on the fly if I run out of something before ordering time. It's more expensive, but they carry most of what I would need in a pinch in-store.

I use Walmart for multis and calcium citrate.

I pay for Pro Health shipping, but Lucky Vitamin is usually free for me. It depends on how much you order.

I *always* adjust according to labs, even if that means adding something I've never had to take separately before.

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on 5/20/12 1:50 pm - AL
I am a Vita Lady follower.  I don't like her starter pack and would go with buying what is IN the starter packs separately.  That gives you more freedom to adjust and start slowly IMO.

I think her starting plans are excellent and have never really seen anyone who started on her plan and then tweaked based on the labs she recommends you get have any problems that couldn't be identified and addressed (such as some folks just can't absorb iron no matter what).  I've seen tons of people who follow other plans with labs in the toilet.


on 5/20/12 1:53 pm - AL
Side note:  Who is your doctor?  Ganta?  I don't think I've ever heard of him.


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