Does this happen to you??

on 6/22/12 1:52 am - Atlanta, GA
  Ok pasta is something I have to limit. But when I eat spaghetti with the sauce I am guaranteed to have orange slicks or for that matter any oil base foods. Just wondering if this may happen to you. I know we are all different but was wondering if our bodies can tolerate oil based food like salad dressings and stuff like that. 
What are your thoughts???
Valerie G.
on 6/22/12 3:11 am - Northwest Mountains, GA
 I had the orange slicks in the toilet the first couple of years, but no longer.  It wasn't a big deal for me, just bizarre to see. 

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Janine P.
on 6/22/12 4:04 am - Long Island, NY
Though pasta sauce does not give me the oil slicks in the potty, some things do.  Cheap bologna (Oscar Meyer, not Boar's Head) gives me oil slicks without fail.  There are other things but I can't think of what they are.  The vets say they gradually go away over time but it's normal in the first few years.


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on 6/22/12 4:58 am - Atlanta, GA
I see. I will be 2 yrs out in September so I'm looking forward to that relief
on 6/22/12 10:07 am - philadelphia, PA
DS on 04/26/12
Glad to know it goes away because I almost always have the slicks. I do eat a lot of fat, though.
on 6/22/12 9:58 pm
Yes your system in so many ways go is not as sensitive.

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* Gail R *
on 6/24/12 8:00 am - SF Bay Area, CA
Be glad of the oil slicks. It means you are not digesting those calories and storing that fat.

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on 6/24/12 8:37 pm, edited 6/24/12 8:38 pm
Oil slicks from fatty foods are common with a new DS. Don't be alarmed; It's working as it should. DSer's only absorb 20% of dietary fats, which is why we are prone to ADEK (fat soluble vitamins) deficiencies. I've never had an oil slick from salad dressing, but there are things in there that can cause some gawd awful gas!

The further out you get, they will become less common, if not non -existent. Thta doesn't mean you're absrobing it - you're just likely eating more varied foods that sort of of emulsify with the food in the common channel. Fat actually becomes sort of a health food for us, as it helps combat constipation, and we need to eat a little more than normies, because fat is needed for many body functions. Also, make sure your fat-soluble vites, A,D, E and K are in dry form. The softgels are oil based, and we don't absorb those at all.

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on 6/25/12 12:54 am
 I am also 2 years out, I rarely get oil slicks anymore, but I do get problems after eating almost any tomato-based product, especially spaghetti sauce.  I LOVE tomatoes and tomato sauce but it bothers me every time!  So it may be the acid in the tomatoes that is causing the problem.

Good luck!

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on 6/25/12 1:09 am - Atlanta, GA
 I would agree because I tested this theory a few times and got the same results from eating tomato base foods. I also notice it when I ate Carmel popcorn.    
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