Worried...almost 2 weeks out and gained?....is this possible?

Misty P.
on 7/14/12 9:34 am - AUSTIN, TX
DS on 07/02/12
 I went from lapband to ds on July 2nd. 

Let me start off by saying I ask a lot of questions, I always ask why. So here goes. Please no bashing me tho, I've been thru hell and back already.
I was told first 28 days I can eat anything u can mash with a fork.  So I figured jello pudding potatoes, eggs etc... However if u chew really well it turns to mush, so sometimes I think I push the limit. 
Like eating some of the inside of a burrito, beans, meat, sour crime, cheese etc. I also eat a cheese stick a day, and they get mushy before I swallow. No sodas, no tea, only g2 and water. Obviously I can't eat like I used to, so how could I have gone from 374 back up over 380? I'm not sure what it is. I'm still sore, so I'm trying to walk, but some days are good, some aren't. Also, I'm not eating well at all during the day. Today I had a cheese stick and fried egg in butter. 3 bottles of water, a Gatorade and that's it. Also I was told I had 30 days of vites saved up in my body, so I take 1 calcium citrate a day.. Going slow with vites. 
So can someone please give me some good ad advice? Things to try. 
Melissa Mermaid
on 7/14/12 10:08 am, edited 7/14/12 10:20 am - Westbury, NY
Stop it. Now. Trust me. Can be anything from water retention, period, different scale, weighing at different times of the day, needing to take a good solid dump, your body holding onto moisture in the heat, etc. These are all very common causes.


I did. At first I only weighed during doctor's visits, then after the first 3 months, once a month EXCEPT when I had a dr's office scheduled during the 6 month, 1 year, etc milestones. Unless you're constantly eating (and at 10 days-or-so out I find that virtually impossible), you'll be fine. I'm a "stick with non-starchy carb and light on soy products gal." I've kept off 175 lbs for nearly 8 years.  The suggestions I make here have worked for me and I doubt you'd be any different but "to thine own self be true."

Adjusting to the vites may be a slow process but steady yourself for it and get going; you have an initial reprieve when you have a store but not for long. Get in to a groove and stick to it.

Your concerns are common and understandable but break a pattern of obsessing. It's pointless and unproductive. It certainly won't make weight come off any faster.

I don't come here often anymore but you can contact me privately if you wish.

 & {{{HUGS}}} &  Dare to dream & have the courage to act.  Success is yours with persistence and believing you deserve it.  melissamermaid.com (c) 2004-2013

Valerie G.
on 7/14/12 11:12 am - Northwest Mountains, GA
 I'm guesssing water retention, so drink more.  
Also, you should be getting closer to 100g of protein every day now along with 64oz of fluids, and YES, take your vitamins now.  You don't want to deplete your supply, it just makes it harder to build it back up.  It will be a chore, but it's necessary - all of it.  

DS 2005

There is room on this earth for all of God's creatures..
next to the mashed potatoes

on 7/15/12 5:18 am
like the ladies said above, could be a lot of things.

i had some weeks where i gained or stalled. just stick to what you 'need' to get in. the ds will do the rest of the work. remember lots of fluids and lots of protein!!!!

HW 259          SW 256          CW 141       GW 150

on 7/15/12 6:41 am
1) STAY off the scale.

2) See number 1.

3) Make sure you get your fluids and protein in before anything else...and vitamins will come in time...Take what you can.


Duodenal Switch (Lap) 01-24-11 | Surgeon: Stephen Boyce | High weight: 250 in 2002 | Surgery weight: 203 | Lowest weight: 121 | Current weight: 135 | Goal weight: 135


Amy W.
on 7/15/12 10:44 am, edited 7/14/12 10:44 pm - Buckeye, AZ
Don't worry! Your body is freaking out with all the changes. And plus, when you have surgery you have a lot of fluid retention!
p.s.- Hi Misty! It's Amy from Facebook! I should really change my pic on here now that I have brown hair...

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Misty P.
on 7/15/12 1:58 pm - AUSTIN, TX
DS on 07/02/12
 Well well well.... I went to golds gym to weigh in and i did lose, not gain! Guess my scale is out of whack!
So from 381 to 363 in 2 weeks time. I'm not complaining anymore!
Thank y'all. I'm walking more now too!

on 7/16/12 3:27 am - polarbears&igloos, AK
I wanted to throw in that you are going to go through stalls as well. Where you will be losing and then all of a sudden all weight loss stops for a month+. So remember I warned you. Its just your bodies way of getting use to things. It is going to be very frustrating but you have to be patient and stick with low carbing and lots of fluids no matter what.

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(deactivated member)
on 7/20/12 6:12 am
Glad to hear your scale was the culprit and not the surgery!  Keep up the great work.
Dr Daryl Stewart is performing my revision from VSG in a few weeks.  I know he is one of the best revision surgeons in the country, and #1 in Texas. 

Congratulations to you!
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