6 years out...gained back 30+ pounds

on 9/3/12 7:45 pm - Barrie, Canada


Hi all, It's been awhile since I dropped by but I could use a little encouragement these days. My highest weight was 282 and I dropped down to 132. So much has happened in my life in the past six years including a divorce and remarriage. The stress has been great. Needless to say, I went back to my old ways and I can eat almost as much as before the surgery. I pay dearly for fatty foods and sugary foods with gas problems all the time.

So I know the problem. I know the fix. I did the Atkins in the spring to lose weight and just like the old yo-yo days, I ended up gaining back more than when I started!

So now I need to shake off 25 pounds to get my BMI back to normal. I am now 170 pounds.

Any thoughts? Anyone else struggling with this?
Laurie D
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on 9/4/12 2:44 am - VA
Yeah, I'm trying to stop my regain before it gets out of hand. I try to stop eating 2 hours before going to bed and limit the volume of food consumed during the day. So far so good but I've been told it can take up to 10 days to start seeing real results. Hang in there, if Atkins worked before perhaps it will work again and then you can stay in more of a South Beach or Paleo lifestyle after that. You have to nip those carbs in the bud now.


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Debbie P.
on 9/4/12 4:54 am - Kettering, OH
I can completely relate.  I am also 6 1/2 years out now.  The difference with you and I is that I never got down as low as you, but started about the same.  I was 281.  I lost down to 190 and it just completely stopped (after 6 months).  That's when I was able to eat more carbs with relatively few problems (high fat will send me running for the bathroom -- but carbs don't really even give me gas!).

So -- I gained back up to 224 or so.  I was seriously mad at myself.  I got back with the program though and while I don't do a *strict* Adkins (that sends me into binging eventually) -- I have considerably lowered my carb intake.  I **try** to stay below 100 carbs a day .... but that is even hard for me.  I think with being over 6 years out, out tummies have stretched and we can eat a lot more.

The key for me is just being aware of how many carbs I'm getting in.  I have lost back down to 185 now -- but still have a ways to go.  It is slow going -- but I watch the scale closely and I track my carbs closely.  I don't beat myself up when I go overboard, but I try to make better decisions.  I use Dreamfields pasta when I make any kind of pasta dish.  I make Brock's pizza when I'm craving pizza.  I use sugar free candies.  I get in all my protein first.  Even if I eat 200 carbs in a day -- I can rest assure that that is a LOT lower than the 500+ I used to eat.

You can get back where you want.  Baby steps and small changes do really add up.

Debbie ~

on 9/4/12 6:19 am - Barrie, Canada
Thanks Debbie.  I guess it's all our perspectives right?  I only ever wanted to get to 160.  But since I made it to 132 with really no effort and got used to that body, I feel as big as I ever was now.  Funny huh?  I wish I lived in the US and had access to some of the products there like the ones you mentioned but it's pretty basic options in Canada for sugar free/low carb products.  At least I have nver found them.

So today, I am sipping my protien shake and plan to have a greek chicken sald for lunch and salmon for dinner...no carbs...or very minimal.  Baby steps!
Laurie D
Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you'll be among the stars.
Debbie P.
on 9/4/12 6:22 am - Kettering, OH
Good luck to you! 

I think a lot of products are available to order online.  I know Dreamfields pasta is (that is a life saver for me because it tastes exact the same to me and I can use it a lot of different ways). 

I guess a big thing for me is not beating myself up over having a cookie or a few chips if I want them.  Portioning things out -- rather than right from the bag stops my binges (or helps!).

Baby steps -- absolutely.

Good luck and keep us updated on your progress. 

Debbie ~

on 9/6/12 8:58 am
Hi Debbie - You said high fats will send you running.  How much fat do you allow each day?

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Debbie P.
on 9/6/12 9:17 am - Kettering, OH
It's not so much about how much I allow.  I allow as much as I want.  LOL  I just notice that if I eat too much of something fried -- I will have oil slicks (excuse the TMI) and sometimes I will have terrible cramping before I *go*.  But I look at it as a pay off for still losing.  The more that comes out -- the less it stays in my body turning to fat!

Debbie ~

on 9/4/12 10:59 am - Canada
 Morning everyone, I was wondering about regain, when does it normally start and does the common channel length impact this?I haven't had an issue yet and I am still super sensitive to carbs. I can tolerate more milk products now which is great. I thought we stayed intolerent to milk products but I am happy to be wrong. I have been away from OH for too long and look forward to getting to know everyone and helping to support each other. Thanks for posting and have a gas free day everyone !!! lol
on 9/4/12 4:00 am, edited 9/4/12 4:00 am
 Consider single serving packages of evil things.  This helps me a lot.  If I buy a single serve pack of oreos, I am quite happy and satisfied.  If I buy the big package, I can eat that whole thing too.

If I want tomething like cheese cake, I go out and have it.  One piece.  If I buy a whole cheesecake and take it home, you can guess what happens.
Beam me up Scottie
on 9/4/12 5:11 pm
It's normal. I wouldn't stress. I've read most people gain 10 to 15 percent back from their low.