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I had RNY in 2004 and have since gained over 50 lbs.  I have an appointment with surgeon on Wednesday.  Where can i find detailed information about the DS?
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Hi Wyms,
I have provided a link below as one of the best resources for information on the DS.  One of the best RNY to DS revision surgeons is right here in the LA area, Dr. Keshishian.  Dr. Rabkin, another top notch RNY to DS revision surgeon is located in San Francisico.  There are only a handful of US surgeons who are truly qualified to perform an RNY to DS revision so, please do as much research as possible.  

I just went back and reread your post and you noted that you already have an appointment scheduled with a surgeon this week.  If your appointment is with a surgeon in California and is not one the surgeons I listed above then it is even more important to know everything you can about an RNY to DS revision prior to your appointment.  

I am sure there will be some wonderful RNY - DS revision vets who will chime in on this thread in the mean time. 


btw - OH Admin, who in the hell do you employ to develop your site? If you are not embarrassed by it than you should be.  I didn't want to underline this but I have no choice.

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What will probably happen at that appointment is that the surgeon will either

1. try to talk you into distal RNY or ERNY instead of DS, or

2. try to convince you that the weight regain is entirely your fault for not following the post-op guidelines and that you should not be looking at any kind of revision.

In reality, weight regain, and failure to lose sufficient weight, are common problems with gastric bypass. More and more is being learned about the causes for this, including things like enlarged stomas and reactive hypoglycemia. A recent article talked about how many patients simply stop losing weight well before reaching a normal weight even though they continue the low calorie, low fat, low carb diet - their metabolisms simply won't allow them to do any better.
    Of course, there are some patients who are noncompliant, but there are many who are being blamed for their lack of success by both their doctors and by other patients, and who then proceed to blame themselves.

If you are truly interested in revising to the DS, the only surgeon in SoCal to consider is Dr. Keshishian in Glendale. My recommendation to you would be to cancel the appointment you have with the random bariatric surgeon and make an appointment with Dr. K.

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on 10/8/12 1:59 am - Northwest Mountains, GA
 I concur w Larra

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I had the RNY twice - in 2004 and 2008 - and regained a lot of the weight. My stomach was still small but I was always hungry and was able to eat a lot. I had the revision from RNY to DS done in March of this year with Dr. Rabkin in San Francisco - see www.paclap.com. It is a very complex surgery and even with one of the best surgeons I had complications. I just got off the feeding tube in August. I am not trying to scare you but hope to make sure you go to one of the vetted surgeons *****ally know how to do the revision.

Best of luck. Terri
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 how can you have RNY twice???  

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The second time I should have had the DS. They made the pouch smaller and the opening to the pouch. I lost about 20 lbs and then gained that back. RNY just did not work out for me.
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 I contacted Dr. Keshishian office and they are verifying my insurance information and said they will contact me in a few days.  Thanks eveyone for your input!  I really appreciate it.
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Awesome!  I LOVE Dr.K!!!  He did my revision from RNY to DS in Dec 2010...I've lost 154 lbs - all my regain...and I had no complications.  He is an amazing surgeon.  BTW - I live in Florida and flew across the country just to have him operate on me - only but the best!

Good luck!!! 

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