on 10/31/12 9:40 am - Bedford, TX

The worst part is finally over!  im still in pain, but able to get around....i have a bit of a problem though.  i gained 2lbs since my surgery?  is that normal or am i just overdoing it here?

on 10/31/12 9:42 am - Walker, LA
DS on 10/11/12

Totally normal.  You are swollen, full of fluids from the IV...  Let your body recover and stay off the scale for a week or so.

Congrats!!!  Hope you heal quickly!!!

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on 10/31/12 10:35 am - Philly, PA

yay!!!!!!!!!!  welcome to the darkside. 

only 2#s?  i've read others who have gained up to 15 #.  it is the surgery for sure.  everything is swollen inside.  may take a while before things calm down.  my advise, stay off the scale for a few weeks.

best of luck for you.  you're in for the best and wildest ride of your life.  enjoy!



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on 11/1/12 2:15 am - IN
DS on 10/03/12

I am 4 weeks post-op and...

I am one of the unlucky ones that gained FIFTEEN... but it was all from the fluids and surgery.  I think once my body decided it was not being deprived of fluids anymore, it released them and I spent one day going to the bathroom very often.  Lost them all in the first week.  But it was towards the end of the week.  So your 2 lbs will come off in a snap I am sure !

Good luck with your journey !!

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on 11/1/12 4:07 am
on 11/1/12 4:12 am - CA

Congratulations, you've made it through the worst part.  Besides the fluids from the IVs, your pain medicine might be slowing down your poops adding to your weight.  Are you wearing surgical stockings on your legs, because those helped my swollen ankles and brought my weight down.  Wish they would have told me to keep wearing them when I went home after surgery.  Just give it time for the DS fairy to bop you with his weight loss wand.

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on 11/1/12 7:46 am - Palmer, AK
DS on 12/29/11 with

Glad you are home!!!!  Ditto on what everyone else said about the IV fluid & the weight gain!!

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on 11/2/12 8:28 am - TN

I had my surgery 10-8-12 and I think I gained about 5 lbs after surgery but a week later it was gone and continues to disappear.  I am down 20 lbs since surgery and 50 lbs since I started the pre op diet.  So far so good except for all food tasting gross but I will live with that for a while. :-)


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