Is it true...

on 11/12/12 11:04 am - Bedford, TX

hey everybody!  is it true that your stomach can stretch with this procedure?

on 11/12/12 11:09 am - bay area, CA

Your sleeve stomach will gradually stretch as time goes on, but will never be the size your old stomach used to be.


on 11/13/12 12:32 am

I'm nearly 9 years out, and I can eat about one-third as much as I could pre-op.And I can certainly eat enough that were it not for the permanent malabsorption I would be gaining weight.

Valerie G.
on 11/13/12 2:12 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

Yes, but nothing to really be concerned about.  I used to eat like a toddler.  Now I eat like a light eater.  I'm satisfied with the actual recommended serving sizes now.

Sleeves stretch

Pouches stretch

Stomas stretch

Bands erode into stomachs

Pick your poison.

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