Oh Dear! My date got changed. :-(

on 1/3/13 4:46 am
Got a call today. It's been rescheduled for Jan. 30th rather than the 16th. Grrrr
on 1/3/13 5:36 am - MI
I know it's rough but think of it this way. Rescheduling is better then canceling.


Valerie G.
on 1/3/13 6:58 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

Just a couple more weeks of nesting and getting everything ready (for me, it was deep housecleaning).  It will go by at a snails pace at first, then you'll wonder where the time flew away.

DS 2005

There is room on this earth for all of God's creatures..
next to the mashed potatoes

on 1/3/13 9:18 am
Thank you Val! Your right. I will b positive! I willllll b positive, yes I will! Lol
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