on 1/29/13 7:08 am, edited 1/29/13 7:12 am - Bedford, TX

i have only lost 14lbs since my surgery.  i have done alot of working out in december and January more that i ever have in my life! the nurse at the bariatric office told me that im a little behind on the weight loss.  so she told me zero carbs for a week to shock my body, and boost my metabolisim.   i will be starting this tomorrow.  i guess the upside to this DS to me so far is that i have'nt gained any weight.  I had my Surgery October 25th 2012.  any advice/encouragement is greatly appreciated.  im struggling with an extremely slow weight loss.

* Gail R *
on 1/29/13 7:35 am - SF Bay Area, CA

I am amazed at your lack of weight loss. I am not in the medical field, but have been studying the DS for years since it is something I will live with for the rest of my life. Who is your surgeon? Are you sure he is reputable and that you really got a true DS?  I have never heard of anyone losing so little in the first three months. I hope you find so answers because your post is troubling to me.

~Gail R~  high wt.288,  surg wt 274, LW 143, CW 153,  GW164

on 1/29/13 8:01 am - AL

Who was your surgeon?  Do you have a copy of your surgical report?  What does it say?  Sorry you haven't had the usual success.  Must be horribly frustrating.


on 1/29/13 10:42 am

So sorry you haven't had the weight loss that you were expecting, everyone is different, but I would think you should have lost more then that.  I had my DS Sept. 13th lil over a month before yours and I have lost a total of 109 so far......Id be checking into this a lil more.....Good luck to you.....

on 1/29/13 10:48 am - Bedford, TX
Yeah.... I was asking for advice and encouragement. not sympathy. Thanks for the comments anyway...
on 1/29/13 11:25 am
DS on 04/01/13

Hi-- Just a thought could it be from all your working out you could be loosing weight and it changing to muscle? Have you checked to see if your size has changed at all? 

on 1/29/13 11:47 am - Bedford, TX
Hi Michelle. My clothes do bit more better and also I am able to fit back into sum of my old jeans. When i get on the scale my weight seems to Stay around the same number.
on 1/29/13 12:30 pm
It is very unusual. I wouldn't disregard the comments above just because they show 'sympathy'.
I agree with getting operative report, have you measured your body? Working out like you describe could be reforming your body, just not shedding the lbs.
How is your nutrition (how much protein, carbs, h20), usually people do not follow the surgeons office 'RNY' advice.
How's your restriction?
What's the length of your CC?
What is your French bougie size?
I hope you can figure something out and that you find answers. I wish you the best of luck.

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on 1/30/13 4:14 am - Bedford, TX

i do have my surgical report. My restriction is not like it was in the beginning.  i am able to eat more.  My CC is 150 cm

on 1/30/13 6:24 am - Bedford, TX

as a matter of fact dani i am reading my surgical report wrong.  i dont know what my CC is yet.  i have an appointment with my surgeon this friday so that he can go over this surgical report with me. so i will see exactly what my cc is, and get a better understand of what was done to me. 

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