Food intake/plan

on 4/15/13 9:11 am - St Louis , MO
DS on 03/26/13

VSG 11/2010 DS 4/2013

No eating plan.

Do you all really eat such small amounts?

I try to eat a yogurt and applesauce and fruit vitamen drink in am

water with vits.

at boiled chicken breast today at lunch 9 full size) 4 oz?

some boiled vegs and broth.

water and vitamen juice or ocenspray sero mix (like crystal light)

another yogurt and applesauce

another chicken breast and vegs.


ate some soda crackers 6 of them on sat with Peanut butter and mount vesouvious erupted all weekend till today and still very sharp gas pains and such, know what I mean?


I am afraid to go anywhere , i am a bowel accident waiting to happen. 


I never have been good planning meals. Drive throughs were my weakness cause I am lazy cooking. cleaning up and shopping.

Thanks for listening



on 4/15/13 11:49 am - Nashville, TN
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Do you track your food? you are going to need to cause you going to need about 3 times more food than this. You also need to drop the applesauce ASAP. the sugar in it is carbs and can cause the gas issues.


if you eat carbs,you are going to have my vesuvious...EVERY TIME! I too have found this out the hard way.


You are going to need to work up to about 3000 calories sooner or later. it is all different with the DS than it was for us with the VSG,ALL different. I have to eat LITERALLY every hour,I set a timer and I have to eat as much as I can comfortable hold just to get to 1200 calories so far.






on 4/15/13 10:43 pm - St Louis , MO
DS on 03/26/13

I guess I still have the diet mind set to eat as little and low calories as possible to loose weight.  Eating more calories seems defeating.  I do need more protein diff to get with not tolerating solids very well at this time.  The boiled chicken did set pretty well need very small amounts though. My MD office told me to eat the apple saouce but I will stop it now anything to stop the gas pains at this time. Scrambled or fried eggs make me sick but boiled eggs do not so I will eat them daily at this time. How about tuna fish - any problmes with that is oild packed better than water packed at this itme.?  Thanks.

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on 4/16/13 1:27 am, edited 4/16/13 1:35 am

Early out, yep, very small amounts!  i could barely finish ONE egg in a sitting for about 3 months postop.  You will slowly be able to eat more in one sitting.

Drop the yogurt (unless its PLAIN GREEK yogurt), any of the others are chock full of carbs.  Same with applesauce- nothing but carbs, no protein, no calories, nothing but sugar- it does nothing but defeat you now and can make you gas sick.  The crackers are bad news.  Empty space fillers, no nutrition for us and can make you gas sick.  The vitamin drinks and juice- are they ZERO carbs?  If not, get rid of them.  Stick to water, Crystal Light, the flavored fizzy waters with no carbs in them (let them go a bit flat if you need to).  Also- watch what sugar substitutes you use- anything with "itol" in the name can cause you gastric distress if you consume too much. 

Try to make ALL your meals and everything you put in your mouth protein at this point.  You are so early out, with such restricted space, you need to get the protein in.  Junk the veggies, fruit, juices, etc and just eat/drink protein.  You will have room for them later on, but for now, and for healing and your health, protein and getting more calories are paramount.  Try bacon.  Small, compact, 7g protein per slice, lots of calories and fat- PERFECT food for a DSer.  Mmm bacon :)

OH and I go through the drive thru a lot!  Chicken strips, chicken pieces or patties (yes, you can order just the pattie of chicken), burgers without the bun (many places will wrap them in lettuce for you), salads with extra chicken on them, roast beef sandwich with cheese and toss the bread, breakfast sandwich and just toss the bread, breakfast platters and toss the pancake or biscuit and potatoes, etc.  Yep, I have fast food a lot.  I wont even order fries anymore really- just the sandwich and a drink.

Tuna is perfect.  Water, oil, your preference.  If you used water packed, Id make sure to slather it with mayo to help get it down though.  I STILL at 3 years out have trouble with anything dry, like tuna or chicken without sauce or cheese to help it down.

on 4/17/13 12:41 pm

like ****** said - she is a wise woman


and shrimp, salmon and other seafood were protein staples for me early out..and still now five years later.  Keep lots in cans and in your freezer so planning isnlt a requirement.


Chicken wings are also a staple.  Stick with those wings and  fingers that have little or no breading on them

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