Turning a coener this week, a good corner....

on 4/21/13 5:46 am - St Louis , MO
DS on 03/26/13

Feeling still weak esp in my legs. Able to tolerate soft foods, liquids and some soft vegs.  Loosing weight and inches,  my face is geeting so thin and so much loose skin in my jowls and around my eyes.  My diarrheal and gas and sore bottom is getting better, went back to taking prevacid and carafate, Prep H  has ointment and bag balm to  the bottom.  .

on 4/21/13 8:39 am - TX
Glad to hear your feeling better!!
J J the Jet Plane
on 4/21/13 8:51 am
DS on 08/26/11 with

Can you please let me know who was your DS surgeon?  I am looking to help someone in MO and didnt know if you had it done by someone here or out of state. Thanks  Glad you are feeling better too!

on 4/21/13 9:33 pm - St Louis , MO
DS on 03/26/13

I tried to look at your profile and you have none.  Friend me and I will send you the information.  Your by line on your post said you had DS in 2011, I am not sure if my WLS clinic will fix other MD problems.  But they do revisions to other surgeries. I was VSG to DS.


 Pre Op 450 lbs +/ VSG 10/2011  421 lbs/ DS 4/2013 371 lbs

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