food in,. poo out, weight gain???

on 7/5/13 9:13 pm - St Louis , MO
DS on 03/26/13

This surgery is ridiculous.  How can I gain weight, when all my food seems to poo out?  My life is the bathroom.  Unless the carbs are hidden in food I eat no white foods, except onions and soy milk.  Simple carbs out.  Complex carbs limited fruits as flavorings to yogurt / shakes.  Seems all I eat is meat a  slab here and there.  Going to change to steamed fish this weekend to see if things can get moving in weight loss again and less moving in the other end.  You know what I mean!   I am tired of staying home all the time. Did walk the hills and valleys of my property yesterday.  Walked down and up a small hill Yeah for me!! This a BIG accomplishment for me.

on 7/5/13 9:28 pm - VA

It's not supposed to work that way.  : (  Dense protein should be firming things up. You might add some popcorn or chia seeds. Fiber sometimes works opposite for us than for normies.


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Corbin Y.
on 7/5/13 11:07 pm - New York, NY
DS on 03/26/13 with

One thought from my experience - I found out two months in that I was not tolerating soy well, which is why I had been living in the bathroom.  You can try an elimination diet to find out if there is a hidden food culprit causing bathroom distress, such as artificial sweeteners, lactose, or soy.  I found out I am intolerant of all three, which my NUT says is common.

on 7/6/13 4:47 am - St Louis , MO
DS on 03/26/13

Yes I know about sugar alcohols (laxatives) I avoid like the plague.  Sugar substitutes like spelnda and equal as well,  Hmmm need to try elimination of them will be difficult I use crystal light and such items daily to get H2O in. What do you mix in you shakes, and how can you use shakes if you are soy intolerant.  Do not they have soy isolate in them?  Oh bad bathroom day today stayed home all day. 

on 7/6/13 12:53 am - OH
RNY on 08/20/13 with

Yeah, the first thing I thought of was lactose intolerance.... 

Or sorbitol. That stuff is the devil. I haven't had surgery yet but I have really be careful of the artificial sweetners and sugar alcohols or I am in the bathroom with terrible cramps. 

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on 7/6/13 2:24 am - NY

Agree with above comments.  Definitely try emlimination diet.  Many foods have hidden ingredients.

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Corbin Y.
on 7/6/13 8:25 am - New York, NY
DS on 03/26/13 with

My solutions:


For protein, I primarily use unsweetened Jay Robb egg protein.  I usually add a banana flavored liquid acidophilus and 2 TBSP of unsweetened cocoa mix to it.  In the mornings, I add 1/2 a banana, in the evenings, I add 2 TBSP of Benefiber.  This has helped make it that my body stays backed up during the day, and my explosions are relegated to the night or when I wake up.    I also add Sweetleaf, which is a Stevia sweetener without any of the sugar alcohols or artificial stuff - only sweetener I can tolerate, or I have used a teaspoon of agave nectar.  Sweetleaf also makes flavored sweeteners which you can add to water for flavors like root beer, and chocolate raspberry.  You can find it at health food stores, or order from Amazon.


Whey protein has very little lactose, and no soy, so that is an alternate as well in the unsweetened version.  Syntrax makes an all natural fruit punch nectar that has no artificial sweeteners in it as well, and sweetens with lo han fruit extract instead.  The fruit punch is the only of their all naturals that agrees with me.

I make my shakes using almond milk, as that does not affect me the way regular milk does.

I think everyone finds different things which work for them.  I have been terrified of adding bread or other major carbs back into my diet, and once you go long enough without it, you don't miss it.  I do find I eat a lot of meat and low lactose cheese, like mozzarella, very little in  the way of veggies, and satisfy my sweet tooth/ get my carbs with two or three small fruits a day.  Good luck finding what works for you!

on 7/6/13 11:32 am - Philly, PA
DS on 07/01/09 with

soy products and milk keep me in the bathroom.  even lactose free milk has a serious limit. maybe 1/4 - 1/3 cup only.



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on 7/6/13 12:17 pm
DS on 04/17/13

I use Lactaid whole milk with my shakes. It does not bother my system at all. 


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on 7/11/13 7:31 am - TX

I too had poo issues that held me hostage at home. My Dr. had me remove Gluten from my diet and it has done wonders! I am to the point where I can't poo and have to put something in my drink in the morning to keep me regular now.  


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