Oh where has the time gone...5 year surgiversary...

on 7/29/13 2:39 am - MD

About a month ago I noted my surigiversary coming up on my calendar and it has been on my mind a lot since then. I have a hard time finding the words to describe what an amazing journey this has been. In many ways the last five years have been like most people post-op, in some ways not at all. But I will say this unequivocally, having the DS was by far the best decision in my life. Really, it just made me normal when it comes to weight, and as someone who had struggled for so long there is no greater blessing. It has allowed me to do the things I want with my life, the things that were starting to be impossible before surgery.

The details:

pre-op: 278

lowest: 142 (too skinny and as a result of a subsequent surgery)

current: 165. This is a battle. I bounced up to about 185 and really struggled with how that felt and what it was going to take to be at a weight I was happy with. I'd like to get to about 155 but 160 would be ok. But to maintain I have to be very careful with carbs now. It wasn't always like that. About 12 - 24 mos out from surgery I could eat anything and still hovered in the 140's. Those days are gone. I am, as I said, normal...so just like most people I have to watch portion size and what I eat. Though I get to eat protein...yummmy delicious full fat protein. My favorite meal is fried cheese. Fried in olive oil. So who can complain about that.

Life since then:

My comorbidities all resolved nearly immediately. I pretty much do whatever I want. I travel extensively, returned to SCUBA diving, and took up trapeze (there was a show, for the public, and me in a tutu). I run (though I hate it), walk, which I love, and don't beat myself up for being lazy on the couch too. I flirt at the bar, go on dates, and if it doesn't work out I don't think "it's because I'm overweight." I usually just go about my life because it is wonderful. Surgery doesn't fix everything, I still struggle with my body image but I get to be the person I am without all of that baggage. I have never opted for plastic surgery though I considered it for a while. It's not off the table just right now instead I'm saving my money for a month long trip to Australia and New Zealand.

Now, I did have some interesting post surgery things: about 18 most post op I had surgery to remove my gallbaldder, which was actually not the problem. The problem was a small bowel obstruction and a hernia around my stomach (that is why I always got full SO FAST). About 2 months later I developed a DVT and pulmonary embolism. And that is when you really learn how valuable life is. Blood thinners slowed me down (a bit) for nearly a year and I still have to be cautious. The clots had nothing to do with either surgery. But they have made me more medically high risk than my DS by far.

So for those of you trying to decide what to do I would advise reading these boards, a lot. The resources here are amazing. Know the days and weeks after are surgery are hard and painful but the life after, even with its bumps is great. Some people can eat anything, some can't. Vitamins, protein, and blood work are non-negotiable. But health and a full life are great goals.

I also need to take a second to thank all the people here who went before me and listened to my questions and I learned from. Without them I'd have been lost!

Happy to answer any questions! And good luck!!!

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on 7/29/13 3:37 am
DS on 07/08/13

Thank you for sharing your story, I am 3 weeks post op today and still overwhelmed with the questions I have.  Your story is reassuring that it will get better.

Thank you.

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on 7/29/13 4:44 am - MD

It absolutely gets better! Hang in there and know that every day is a little better than before!

SW: 278.5    CW: 145-150   GW: I think I'm there, learning to embrace it
on 7/29/13 3:55 am - PA

Thanks for your story.  I am 3 months post op today, and I'm so impatient....I think I should have it all figured out by now, but then I realize, I'm ONLY 3 months out.  Still reading, learning, trying...and getting frustrated.  Your story is inspiring.

on 7/29/13 4:45 am - MD

When I get impatient I try to remind myself I didn't gain all of my weight in 3 months (though surely it is easier to gain than lose!!) Just remember life, and the DS is a marathon even when at the beginning it feels like a sprint!


Good luck!

SW: 278.5    CW: 145-150   GW: I think I'm there, learning to embrace it
on 7/29/13 5:17 am - PA

Thank you, my dear!

on 7/29/13 6:48 am - VA

Happy surgiversary!!   


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on 7/29/13 10:58 pm - MD

Thanks! You have been one of the most important people in my journey :-)

SW: 278.5    CW: 145-150   GW: I think I'm there, learning to embrace it
on 7/29/13 8:42 am

Happy "S" day!  5 years does make quite a difference in our lives.  Congrats!  PS really made me feel as normal as I look. 

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