Low vitamin levels effect weight loss?

Amy W.
on 4/17/14 7:09 am - Buckeye, AZ
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I feel like it's soooooo hard to lose weight now and I was wondering... Is there someway my low vitamin-D, low iron, and/or low folate could be hindering it?
Also, my gut flora is thrown off due to 3 rounds of antibiotics.... could this be contributing to the "gain" since I'm constantly bloated (and retaining so much water) now?
I'm so confused... :/ I feel like I just can't ever find a balance of protein/fat/carbs that work for my body!
I used to eat all day everyday, and when I actually started "dieting" a few years ago, I've had weight issues ever since! It's so miserable. Now I'm so scared of eating "too much" I think my body is holding onto every calorie it can. UUUHHGGG I'm so frustrated!

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on 4/17/14 9:43 am - VA

I can hear the frustration in your post. :(

Sounds like it could be "all of the above". Everything is so linked. How are your protein, albumin and prealbumin levels? Are you taking good probiotics? If you're low in protein you could be holding onto fluid. 

I feel for you, I really do.


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on 4/20/14 3:05 am - Parma, OH
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I can't really say although you would think the water retention would even out at some point so you could see any actual weight
loss. From years of dieting I know that doesn't always hold true.

Of all the things you listed I would be more inclined to think the low iron would cause more overall issues that the others.

10 years out. That's great. Could you talk a little bit about where your currently at with weight and where you have been? Dieting
is an exercise that many of us would like to leave behind forever but it does seem that, for some people, the further out they get
the more it comes back as an issue.  It sounds like you have been trying the initial weight loss diet of low carb, protein, and fat.

I think overall health is your first priority but you might want to frequent and contribute to the daily bites and vits to give others a 
chance to look at your efforts. Sometimes another set of eyes, or two or three :) , can provide fresh insights.

It has to be frustrating. I hope things start working better for you.


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