DS, SADI, resleeve how do you decide

on 12/11/14 7:28 am

there is so much information, while I understand the difference in all of these, short term all will work, but long term not to sure of the sleeve (have that) and SADI doesnt have much info.  but with both DS and SADI I have to take so many pills, how do you take so many pills?  And the bathroom issue scares me.

on 12/11/14 1:06 pm - bay area, CA

Now please don't take this personally because it's not directed at you, but I don't get it. I have seen so many people shy away from the DS because of concern about taking a lot of vitamins, and/or over potential "bathroom issues". While I do think everyone should go into surgery well informed about the possible side effects, what I don't understand is why someone would be more concerned about that than they would be concerned about whether or not the operation would work well, i. e. whether it will help someone lose the amount of weight they really need to lose and keep it off.

You are so right that all these operations work well short term, and it's the longterm that we really need to think about. Morbid obesity, once we have it, is a chronic, long term problem that needs a longterm solution. The DS has excellent documentation regarding how effective it is longterm. The sleeve lacks this, and we are seeing people with sleeves needing revision all the time due to significant weight regain after a few years. We have even less info about longterm results with SADI, not just for weight loss and weight loss maintainence but also regarding resolution of the common comorbidities.

Is taking some extra pills every day (vitamins and minerals, not meds for diabetes and high blood pressure or other serious illnesses) or being mindful of what foods may cause "bathroom issues" really the main concern? From my own experience, I can say that you get into a routine with the pills and after awhile it's just a regular part of your life. You adjust them now and then depending on lab results, you know that it's a lifetime commitment, and you just do it. Honest, not a big deal. As far as the bathroom goes, most people learn pretty fast what foods work well for them and what foods don't, and either avoid the foods that are likely to cause issues or time them so that they will be at home just in case there is a problem. Again, it just becomes a part of your life. And living at a normal weight sure beats living every day as an MO person.



on 12/11/14 6:43 pm

thank you for taking the time to post all this information.  I read a post that someone on here takes 52 pills a day, but many take more than 30 a day, you can understand how that is a bit overwhelming to think about this everyday for the rest of your life.  but I also notice that people just get used to taking them and it is second nature.  The bathroom issue is more of an inconvenience, some post they have oil slicks, which I never heard of till here.  I think part of me knows the DS is the best and Ihave been reading for a while, I dont want to be a guinea pig with the SADI, I am fortunate I am young and have no comorbidities, it is a big committment,  but I also want a better chance of not getting these and I know the DS is the best for that.  I spend a lot of time reading on here and revision board there are many people *****vise to the DS, that says a lot too.   

Valerie G.
on 12/11/14 10:16 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA

Like Larra, I'm a long time vet out hre (9yrs).  Nutritional needs vary greatly.  My number of vitamins is 14 pills daily.  I take them in 4 doses.  Like Larra said....no big deal.  My only complaint is that the surgeons, docs and nutritionists are absolutely clueless about what we "really need" long-term.  The worst part is that they don't admit to their knowledge deficit.  Instead, they insist you do things their way and buy some expensive bariatric vitamin from their office and still...we are deficient.  Fortunately, there are plenty of vets that are open to share what has worked, and without that sharing, I may have been a lot less healthy than I am today.

The bathroom issues aren't a big deal either.  The first year may be a little tenuous, but within that year, for most - the body works itself to a once-a-day schedule.  Many of us have a giant poo first thing in the morning, then done for the day.  The odor is 'different' than our pre-op stench, but most dependable on what we ate the day before. 

The biggest complaint is gas.  This is also controlled by what you eat.  The problem is that we are all so different on what triggers it, so there is no standard promise of "eat this food and get no gas".  It takes a while to learn how they affect us, but once we have it - we are really in control.  I'm a corporate trainer, and kept a stern rule that I did no lunchtime food experimentation on days I was teaching.  From that, I've never had any embarrassing moments at work. 

So - there's all the arguments of what those who don't know better try to put forth against the DS, compared to the reality of a person who is living it.

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on 12/12/14 7:17 am

thank you for your reply, great information, and only 14 pills, and it is more your gas and not the bm, diarrhea.  people react so different to the bathroom issues.  you look like you have done wonderful with your ds

on 12/12/14 8:18 am

I'm 11 years out, and I take 14 vitamin or mineral pills in 4 doses. I poop twice most days, both within a hour or so of getting up in the morning.

In exchange for that, I eat two breakfasts each day, generous lunches and dinners, and snack whenever I feel the need, and am maintaining a loss of 170 pounds.

I do still take one pill for my BP. Apparently my high BP is genetic, sine both my parents and both my brothers have high BP---and none of them have ever been MO.

My cholesterol runs around 100, instead of the 220+ it ran pre-op. I'm not diabetics, even though it runs heavily in both sides of my family.

I still suffer from the extensive arthritis I developed at the tender age of 20, but my DS allows me to take NSAIDs for it daily.

All in all, life is good. (*grin*)

on 12/12/14 9:03 am

thank you for your reply.  so 2 breakfasts? interesting and you have maintained your 170 lb weight loss.  you only take 14 pills, there is such a big variation on here on the amount.  But after all the responses this actually doesnt scare me as me, well the 50 pills a day does.  excellent cholesterol amazing, I think you dodged a bullet with your diabetes.  sounds like you are doing incredible.


on 12/12/14 3:26 am - Parma, OH
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LOL. I had to go count the number of pills I take. 27. Although really the number varies depending
on what brands I happened to buy from(biggest culprits are iron and calcium - every vendor seems
to decide differently how many pills it takes to meet the listed mgs). 

I'm 20 months out so I remember pretty clearly wondering how I was going to get all the pills in though 
a day. For me - I made some decisions about how many doses I could schedule during a day and then split my
vitamins up accordingly. A little easier for me since I only take 3 calcium doses. I started out with 6 doses - now I have
4 daytime doses and then I take my iron as a 5 dose at night.

Once you are organized it just isn't a big problem. I got a 30 day vitamin organizer that worked well for me. You
just need to figure out what works with your personality and schedule. I marvel at the people that use fishing
tackle boxes. I could just never do that - but whatever works.

I had some urgent bathroom issues the first month or so. Since then notso much - depending on how much and
what I eat along with my general health. Sometimes it can be extra smelly but I've learned to be a quick flush and
use a spray if I really need to. Again, while a few people have real problems most of us don't find it that hard to live with.

I have no feeling between the standard DS and The SADI. I think with the sleeve there is so much more of a chance to 
regain that, for me, would make me take that next step. Long term on the SADI is mostly anecdotal like the early DS
so you have to figure that in. We just don't know about that yet - doesn't mean anything more than that though. It might
work out fine and it might not, at least with the standard DS there are some percentages to consider.


on 12/12/14 8:01 am

thank you for replying to my post.  sounds like you have adjusted to your ds very fast.  yes I was thinking about resleeving but I dont know when will happen again few years down the road.  the long term SADI is concerning also. the more I research the more the ds is for me.

on 12/12/14 6:28 am

ok so you are on a DS forum so here is the good, bad, and ugly (or smelly)

the number of pills depends on the individual, dont take one extreme person's pill count and look at that, I take about 48 pills a day, I had metabolic bone disease BEFORE the DS, I had iron deficiency BEFORE the DS and 1 yr PO DS I had a thyroidectomy, now that is a BAD combination,  it was a difficult decision to make especially since I knew I had metabolic bone disease, but you have no comorbs?  I would say the average is maybe 20 or so?  You have to take your vit/min protein and have follow up blood work.  Dont be afraid of the pills, I do have to admit I look forward to blood work when I can take 2 consecutive days off. 

For me the bathroom issue was nothing, but my cchannel is longer due to my metabolic bone disease.  I never had oil slicks-NEVER not even early out.  the first maybe 2-3 months I did have loser stool but once I started eating it easy, that is the easiest part.  I go when i get up 2x , about 15 mins apart then depending on how much I eat i go again in the afternoon, that is it, I have never had an accident or anything.  BUT the smell wow, carbs will make it worse but it does clear the room, even if you are

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