Surgeon choice? I have decided on the DS -finally

on 12/20/14 11:58 pm

I have made my decision to have a DS, I was on the fence about re-sleeve and SADI.  I picked DS for me because more is known about it, I am sure SADI is great but I wanted something that had good statisitcs 3+ years out.  Re-sleeve not sure if that would be a permanent fix so DS it is.  Since we are in holiday mode I am going to look into this in January.   There are not many drs on dsfacts, those are the only ones I should choose?  I live in TX now, so I only noticed one surgeon (Dr Folahan Ayoola) but will travel this is too important for me, so all suggestions and comments are great. 

thanks a mil


on 12/21/14 12:00 am - bay area, CA

Dr. Ayoola is the only DS surgeon that I would recommend in TX. He worked with the late Dr. Stewart and took over the practice when Dr. Stewart passed away suddenly. He has an excellent reputation and has even begun doing RNY to DS revisions, which is the toughest revision surgery being done.

I think you've made a great decision and that he would be your best choice for DS surgeon in your area.


on 12/21/14 7:39 pm

thank you for that information, I have not been able to find much in the way of reviews, but I will continue to reach out to his patients.  Also great that he is doing the most difficult revisions. 


on 12/30/14 4:17 am
DS on 12/26/14

I'm still VERY early out but I am a patient of Dr. Ayoola and would definitely recommend him. I was a revision from lap band to DS. My surgery was on 12/26/14 so I'm only a few days out but so far so good. Dr. Ayoola has a nice, easy, positive demeanor and a great bedside manor. He is very thorough with the information he provides and he is very clear in his communications. One thing that continues to resonate with me is at my pre-op appointment he said "if you don't feel good, call me, period". He didn't say if you have pain, fever, nausea, etc. it was "if you don't feel good" which I think is so important after any surgery, sort of that trust yourself, yor body , your instincts thinking. He repeated this several times to be sure I got it. His post op instructions gave suggestions to try for different things but he said, even if you try those things, call me, let me tell you if it's nothing or something major. I like that because as much wonderful advice as we can get online or from well meaning loved ones, our surgeons are specialists, this is routine for them, they do it all day everyday, so they know best. Before surgery He made sure I knew what I was getting into and that I was aware of other options. He never tried to push me towards any surgery over another, just laid out the pros and cons of each, even though I already had my mind made up. His office staff worked extra hard to get me in for surgery this year which was also wonderful. The nurse at the hospital told me his post op instructions were the most thorough she's ever seen and she was impressed as well. The only thing I disliked was that I had surgery on Friday at 4pm and left the hospital Sunday at 2pm. It worked out great cuz my hubs didn't have to take time off work but I really think I could have used another day in the hospital. It didn't impact anything just would have been nice as I'm still having a tough time getting around. Feel free to reach out if you have questions. Good luck!

on 12/27/14 9:56 pm - Tallahassee, FL

I just want to say congratulations on your decision and keep up your good research.

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With the DS: there is no stoma, so no stoma strictures; there are no limitations (other than volume) against drinking before, during or after meals; 80% of ingested fat is malabsorbed; 98.9% of type II diabetics are CURED of this devastating disease, with data showing stable cure over 10 years out; there is the best average weight loss and most durable (average 76% excess weight loss going out 10 years) of all of the bariatric surgeries.  That's why I had a DS!

Laura in Texas
on 12/27/14 11:45 pm

I thought Erik Wilson in Houston used to be on the list?? He has an excellent reputation.

Laura in Texas

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