Vegetables neutral to the DS?

on 1/3/15 11:27 am - Atlanta, GA

What is a go to vegetable that appears to be neutral to the DS stomach? No gas or bathroom issues...

K P.
on 1/3/15 12:17 pm
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Quantity is what gets me. I can do about a 1/4 cup of most cooked vegetables without problems. Or if they are raw 2 or 3 pieces. I think it's dofferent for everyone. Mind you I'm 6 months out, and it may be dramatically different for 2 months or 2 years out. I know when I was first allowed them, I couldn't do many.

Good luck!


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on 1/3/15 12:59 pm - Atlanta, GA

Thanks for your response. I love vegetables but all seem to give me some type of issue. I believe it may be quantity too. I'm cutting back. By the way you had your surgery on my daughter's birthday. Good luck and stay the course. 

on 1/3/15 12:58 pm

There is really no one size fits all answer.  Some people can eat broccoli all day and some can't touch the stuff!


I tend to think of good veggies for us as being the low carb ones!  Like green beans and that broccoli.

on 1/3/15 1:02 pm - Atlanta, GA

I would agree and find myself eating or being limited to those because of less issues. Thanks for the response. Any leafy vegetable (spinach or greens) comes out not digested still leafy. Ugh!!

on 1/3/15 6:13 pm
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Fwiw - broccoli is killer for me. I simply can't eat it. Things get ugly.

DS on 6/24/13

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on 1/3/15 10:42 pm

We are all different, but I am unusual and can eat anything with little to no issues.  A nice salad is great (it would depend on what you put in there), lettuce, olives, cheese, tomatoes, avacado, nuts, red peppers.  I eat a salad at least once a day.

Valerie G.
on 1/4/15 3:58 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

Green beans are my neutral

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