Hernia Repair Surgery

on 9/1/15 7:05 am - Falls City, NE

I'm going through some new things with my DS. I was just wondering how many of you that had hernia repair surgery also had a tummy tuck or some form of plastic surgery?? I have a pretty big hernia, look like I'm about seven months pregnant and my GP says I have hardly no abdominal wall on one side. Have appointment with surgeon in a couple of weeks and wondered if there are any specific questions I should ask. I don't have a lot of hanging skin.  Went from 207 to 108 at lowest and now I weigh between 127 to 133 depending on the day. I wouldn't mind getting rid of some of the lose skin and smooth out the stretch marks IF insurance would pay for it.  I'll be nine years out in October.  Any insight you could give me would be so appreciated!

on 9/1/15 9:13 am

I had two hernia repairs. I had already had my pannulectomy (sp) just where they remove the skin and make it tight. Then I had a mesh hernia repair after. A few years later my hernia was the size of a football, and had pushed through the mesh. So I had a duel surgery, one with a tummy surgeon, and one with a plastic surgeon. (Both working same time together). They did a real tummy tuck (medically necessary, so insurance paid all) by sewing my mussels back together and removed the mesh. That was a few years ago, and I have had no issues since!!!! And love my tummy! :)

So the question I'd ask, is if they can avoid the mesh and sew your own mussels together. That is really the way to go to avoid another surgery down the road!

Good luck! I remember how horrible it was to have a huge growth sticking out of your belly!



on 9/1/15 10:15 am - Falls City, NE

Thanks Lisa!  I'll be sure to ask that.  Glad you've had success with your new tummy!



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