Joining the ranks of the Veterans - 5 Year Post-Op

on 9/15/15 7:09 am - Atlanta, GA

Yesterday I celebrated my 5th year post-op.  It has been a tremendous journey.  I've learned a lot about this chemistry experiment (my body) than I've ever come to know.  But I must say it has been a good experiment and wished I had done it a lot sooner.  The biggest lesson I've learned is the affect artificial sweetener has on the body.  I posted back in April that if  I eliminated this substance from my body, I would feel 100% better and I did.  Gas, bloating and diarrhea  diminished almost instantly.  I could not believe it.  I occasionally have gas but it would only be at night right before I went to bed. Not a bad trade off.   I also cut way down on white rice and pasta.  I may eat these items about once a month but very little because the after affects don't smell good and then I have to be at home when I eat them just in case something would happen before I went to bed.  But like clock work, I can guarantee myself the smelly bad stuff in my morning routine. Then be back to my old self.  When I say the quality of my life is better, oh its better.  I am now able to spend over nights with my boyfriend and not be afraid that I'm going to stink up the place. He doesn't suspect a thing.  Shopping has been great.  Exercise is consistent.  Eating is better (meat and select vegetables). I've only gained a total of 10 pounds of bounce back weight in all the right places (boobs and butt) in 5 years and I couldn't be more satisfied.  I went to my surgeon yesterday for my annual check up and wait for it......ALL LABS ARE IN COMPLIANCE.  No adjustments needed.  He was so happy and proud of me as I was with myself.  I take my vitamins and try to keep hydrated.  The only thing he sees me improving is getting in more protein.  My levels weren't low but could be higher.  I read religiously on this site and would like to thank all of you for being an inspiration to me and giving me the motivation to keep me sane.  Good luck to you and best wishes.

on 9/15/15 9:06 am
DS on 11/19/14

Congratulations and thank you for sharing!



on 9/16/15 1:47 am - VA

Happy surgiversary!  : )


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on 9/16/15 12:59 pm

Congratulations on your success.

It's nice to see people succeeding over a longer period of time.

Felicity Q.
on 9/16/15 2:10 pm
DS on 09/28/15

You are an inspiration - thank you for posting and congrats on your success!

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on 9/16/15 9:07 pm
DS on 12/19/12 with

Wonderful news!  You have done a great job.  I envy your bounce back number.  I'm going to have to get my act together and follow your stellar lead.

Congrats on a job well done. 


on 9/18/15 1:51 pm - Parma, OH
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