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I am trying to understand the difference between DS and SIDS in the simpliest clarification. Also what are the advantages or disadvantages of both.


on 9/27/15 10:48 am

Cant you ask your doctor to explain the difference to you? Especially if they are pushing both surgery to you 

                      VSG TO DS REVISION 




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The DS surgery was the only procedure mentioned by my facilitator then I joined this group and I see mention of SIDS. Couldn't wait until Monday to get a clarification and thanks to you guys, I didn't have to wait. Thanks to all 😊


on 9/27/15 7:21 pm

It is SIPS/SADI/LOOP DS. The main difference from what I have been told is that there will be less malabsorption, and the surgery is easier to perform.

It has less absoption than the RNY, but more than the DS. Which means (supposed to mean) less chance for malnutrition than the DS. At least that is the doctors selling point. 

I've not actually heard anything bad about the surgery. The main thing that I hear everyone say is that they do not trust it just yet because their are no long term results. Which no one can argue is a good point, but from all that I have read and seen so far, it seems like a good surgery.

Type in LOOP DS in the search bar to see more results!! Good luck whatever you chose.

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on 9/27/15 7:25 pm

I'm sorry, but I think your answer was more rude than it was helpful. People come here to hear from people just like them. I am sure that the doctor can do just as you have said, but have we not all been just were this person is now? Just looking for support and wanting to hear from all sides? Perhaps try to be a bit kinder with your responses, or maybe let someone else respond instead.

on 9/27/15 8:21 pm - COVINGTON, GA

Thanks "L"

I thought the response was rather harsh to say the least also but I just have too many other things on my mind and no no extra energy.  I appreciate you.

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on 9/28/15 9:11 pm

Hi, like many of the people who have had a DS related surgery within the past year, mine was the SADi (also called single loop DS or SIPS). To my knowlege, the only good doctors you'll find pushing this are also highly regarded WLS surgeons who also specialize in the original DS producedure.

The primary differences: 

1) Less complicated for the surgery (1 internal stitch), 2) shorter recovery time for the patient, 3) longer common channel (350 to 400cm vs about 100 to 150cm w/ a full DS 4) Costs about the same, not cheaper based on my experience scheduling a standard DS then switching surgeons to a more qualified doctor *****commended a SADi although he's also performed many hundreds of standard DS procedures, 4) Weight Loss about the same (possibly better due to the "less is often more" rule) 5) Malabsorbtion may be less but there are no conclusive facts to support this 6) Vitamin Deficiency may be less due to the longer common channel, same as prior point 7) Side effects seem to be lower.

I highly recommend the SADi as does everyone that has had the procedure by a qualified surgeon. I view it personally as an update in medical treatment from adjustments needed to address isssues from other WLS options including bathroom issues, vitamin defiencies, etc. You'll be subject to all the same possible issues but generally to a lesser extent.

Everyone will have their own opinion but mine is based on having it done about a year ago, talking with a number of others that have also had the procedure, and knowing that anyone that had a SADi likely did extensive research on both the original version and the SADi. 

Regardless of which option you choose, there is no easy way forward. All options require substanial sacrifices and some risk and baggage you'll live with. Most people on this site including me are willing to take the tradeoff for the change in life the weight loss offers.

Good luck with whatever you choose.



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This information is so appreciated. My main concern is the side effects mainly bathroom and gas issues but not to risk maximum weight loss. Seems like you addressed these issues which I am very grateful. Thanks

Valerie G.
on 9/29/15 9:17 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

Long-term success of the SADI/SIPS/Loop DS is still being determined since it's only been around a couple of years.  The DS on the other hand has been around since 1988.

DS 2005

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