Gassy WLSer Sues Employer After Being Fired

on 10/2/15 9:18 pm, edited 10/2/15 9:21 pm - Garland, TX

When I first saw the original headline, which didn't mention WLS, I had to wonder if he might be a DSer. The article (and the lawsuit petition) say he had "gastric bypass surgery in 2010", but with the symptoms of the gas and diarrhea, have to wonder whether the DS was involved instead. There used to be a major DS surgeon near the Levitown PA area, but I forget his name at present. arting-too-much-at-work-lawsuit_560ee6e7e4b0af3706e0d0c9

Frank talk about the DS / "All I ever wanted to be was thin, like that Rolling Stones dude ... " 

 HW/461  LW/251 GW187 CW/315 (yep, a DS semi-failure - it happens  :-(    )

on 10/3/15 12:29 am

I can believe both sides of that issue.... was almost fired twice from the problem.. found rabbit tobacco (herb tea) has enzymes that replaced mine...keeps my tummy calm...and everyone else happy too!dh

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