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on 10/30/15 9:46 pm - Chicago, IL

I just bought iron tablets so hopefully I won't have to keep getting the infusions every few weeks. They are 65mg/325mg ferrous sulfate. But I don't know how many to take. Can someone tell me?




on 10/31/15 3:40 am - VA

Anything with the ending "sulfate" isn't the easiest for us to absorb and can create some serious constipation and gastro issues, but try it and see how you do with it since you already have it. I've never taken ferrous sulfate but when I was bringing my iron markers up I was taking 300mg of carbonyl iron (Vitalady's Tender Iron) and 2 caplets of heme iron (Colorado Labs Proferrin ES). Heme iron is very easy on the gastro system and the combo of the 2 kinds of iron helped my iron markers greatly. I took the carbonyl iron in the mid afternoon away from all the other vitamins, dairy, calcium, eggs, wheat, caffeine, etc. I took the Proferrin at bedtime, you don't have to take it away from everything else but I did just to be sure I was absorbing as much as I could.


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on 10/31/15 6:56 am

I usually figure malabsorptin is 50-60 percent, so I usually double, unless I have a deficiency going, then I follow whatever directions are given by my doctor, and adjust the dosage using my DS method.

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on 10/31/15 10:38 am

I take the same things, 2 pills, every day. You should also be getting iron in your multi-vitamin pills.

on 10/31/15 5:45 pm - Chicago, IL

So do you take 2 at the same time or space them out? And do you take them at the same time you take your other supplements?




on 10/31/15 8:03 pm

Start low and build slow or your stomach may rebell. i couldn't use these at all, had a surgery that is not done now, 20 yrs ago...if these don't work, or they cramp you , there is an iron that has intrinsic factor in it and it is prescription and generic. The name brand is foltrin. an alternate would be get calf or buffalo liver capsules, they have iron and all things needed for iron absorbtion. You can also choose to eat liver, 1-2 ounces each day, I make mine into patties, using salmon recipe, and scant amt of cosonut oil to mositen skillet....they are from grass fed, so non-GMO. daily recommendation is 6, but I used 4 daily for two years., and tolerated it well.

on 10/31/15 8:07 pm - Nine Mile Falls, WA

You can get ferrous gluconate which is supposedly easier on your stomach but it is hard to find uncoated and coated slides right on through

stacy T.
on 10/31/15 8:58 pm - San Francisco, CA

What is the dosage of your infusions? Are they ferrous glucose or sulfate?

on 11/1/15 3:08 pm - Chicago, IL

Infed. I'm not sure of the dosage.




on 11/2/15 5:52 pm - Parma, OH
DS on 04/15/13

If your getting infusions didn't the Doc give you an idea where to start? Ferrous sulfate works for me. I take it before bed and away from all other vits except for vitamin C. I wasn't very low so my Doc started me just on 325mg (65 elemental). When I took more of the carbonyl my Ferritin go too high so I"m back to just the initial dose he gave me.

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