Post op Day 5.

on 2/20/16 12:26 pm

Hi, I am 5 days post op. Doing well. Matter of fact, feeling hungry today. Full liquids going down well. 

Is there something to do for constipation? Lots of noise and gas but nothing since last Sunday. 

Any suggestions?

on 2/20/16 12:53 pm - VA

Glad to hear you're doing well.  :)  They should have told you to start taking stool softeners as soon as you could when you got home.  I think it's the pain killers you've been given, and may still be taking, that are causing the constipation. 


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on 2/20/16 1:03 pm

I only took pain medicine the first two days. It's only Tylenol. I don't take anything except Prilosec. I start all the supplements on post op day 8  


K P.
on 2/20/16 3:19 pm
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I would call and ask them on Monday but you should be able to take some Milk of Magnesia - I believe I did if I remember correctly 

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on 2/20/16 5:03 pm

Thanks. I didn't think of MOM. I'm sure that would be ok.  It's so aggravating  

did anyone else feel hungry? Seems strange to feel so hungry.  I'm just filling with flu is and protein. 


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