Any Solutions for Gas?

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Hi Just putting it out there because you never know someone may have some answers. Every evening I have gas after eating, any suggestions or solutions to eliminate the gas?

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on 9/27/16 6:13 am

I would start with an elimination diet and find out what your not tolerating.  Onions, bean, broccoli, sugar, cabbage are a few items that would be on my list.  Sugar is a big one for me so I stay clear of it until evening.  

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Thank you

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Probiotics help, and a pill called Devrom usually cuts it down a lot for me but will give you some mild constipation. Shreddies underwear will absorb gas if you're out in public and don't want any issues.

For me, the gas is always bad if I have a pending bowel movement that has not yet happened. Once it happens, the gas issue is zero.

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Find the contributor - there is something in your daily diet contributing.  It took me a couple of years to identify the majority of mine, and some were staples for me, like onions.  Next probiotics are also a help -- so both of the above posters are correct!

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Certain breads or pizza crust does it for me... I find not one, but two GAS X works for me..... Of course you can always eliminate the offender, but by using the Gas X I can have my cake and eat it two..... so to

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