Dr. Garcia and duodenal switch....seeking info

on 2/21/17 11:35 am

Hello all!  I am seeking information regarding having ds surgery by dr. Garcia in Mexico.  Has anyone here used him for this particular surgery or could hook me up with someone he has?  I currently have a lap band that I had put in about 8 years ago, what a waste.  My sister had gastric bypass and is doing well but I see a regain in her future.  My cousin had the ds about 5 years ago and he calls it the "final solution" for guys like us.  I'm convinced part of my overeating is from genetics, although I know I'm plenty to blame!  He lost about 300lbs and has kept the majority of it off withou****ching what he eats at all.  Not that I'm looking to do that, but I know I will screw up at some points.  Anyway thanks for reading!

Valerie G.
on 2/21/17 12:27 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA

I've not heard of this surgeon doing the DS.  Is he on dsfacts.com?  Or...is he one of the many jumping on the LoopDS bandwagon (aka SIPS or SADI)

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on 2/21/17 12:32 pm

I don't know what ds facts is, but the coordinator said he has performed several hundred.  He is based out of Tijuana.  I told them I wanted the regular and not the loop and they didn't bat an eye.  Any Mexican bariatric surgeons you recommend?

Valerie G.
on 2/21/17 1:22 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA

As Patty said:  The best DS surgeon in MX is Esquerra at Almamater Hospital.  

It used to be Dr. Ungson, but he's no longer an option.  I'm glad you're seeking referrals, but if the community hasn't heard of him doing the DS, then that coordinator is probably blowing smoke, and you have no legal recourse if you wind up with some wonky hybrid that a US surgeon is unwilling to touch if you have complications.  I've seen such things happen before.

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Darice N.
on 2/28/17 2:45 pm - Washington, AR
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I used Dr. Alejandro Lopez Ortega in Tijuana.  He is an excellent surgeon and his staff are super.  You can find his website ALO Bariatrics on the internet.  He will also message with you on facebook.  I had my surgery on 8/31/16 and have lost 90 lbs. 

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on 2/21/17 12:34 pm

First of all now I know you are male so I will tell you about the 'man factor'.  This is totally unscientific and I don't pretend otherwise.  But I have only seen 1 man fail at this surgery in all the years I have been around fat world.  And he had other issues.  Most men seem to make this look easy.  They lose more, faster, than most of the women.

You will be better off rid of that damn crapband.  Miserable and they don't work.  Restriction only almost never works long term.  You probably need malabsorbtion to be successful long term.  And RNY doesn't cut it.  There isn't much malabsorbtion in the standard proximal RNY and by the time you reach about the 2 to 3 year mark, your body has adapted.  Then the regain starts!  The DS bypasses so much your body can't adapt completely.  Sounds like you come from a fat family.  You are probably correct about the genetic factor.

I don't know Dr. Garcia.  The best DS surgeon in MX is Esquerra at Almamater Hospital.  He trained with Dr. Ungson.  He is a great surgeon and the hospital is first rate too.  If I was having my DS today, that's where I would go.  Try to get rid of your gall bladder too so you don't end up with another surgery down the road.

on 2/21/17 4:15 pm - bay area, CA

Not only do I agree completely about never having so much as heard of Dr. Garcia as a DS surgeon and the definite experience and excellence of Dr. Esquerra, I will add that there is no need whatsoever for you to waste your money on a coordinator. They are in business to make money. They aren't going to scour Mexico to find you the best possible DS surgeon, they are going to refer you to which ever surgeons they work with regularly. That's how they and the surgeon make money.

You can contact Dr. Esquerra's office yourself and his staff will help you will all the arrangements. They meet you in San Diego and drive you to the city where the hospital is located. And I have heard nothing but favorable reports not only about him but also about the hospital and the nursing care provided there.


Valerie G.
on 2/22/17 11:15 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

Larra has a great point about making arrangements.  Dr. Esquerra's staff can coordinate your care, probably from start to finish.  That's exactly what Dr. Ungson's staff did too.  That will save you a couple of thousand right there.

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on 2/22/17 11:43 am

Does anyone have a direct contact email?  All I have been dealing with is the Mexicali people?

Kathy S.
on 2/22/17 12:21 pm - InTheBurbs, XX
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Hi rgjujitsu, 

Let me check with our staff and see if we know of any that does the DS in MX and if we have any contact info on  Dr. Esquerra.  I do know this is a very specialized procedure and you want to make sure they do it a lot!  

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