Vitamin B-12 Levels???

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Hello My fellow Veterans,

I got my lab work back and my Vitamin B-12 levels are high 1425. Yes, I take Vitamin Complex and I feel great when I do, can stay up pass 15 hours.

Are you guys levels high, is this normal for DS users?

Are you guys taking any Vitamin B's? What is the norm, is the norm, really the norm for us? What is too high?

Thank you

Beam me up Scottie
on 3/10/17 6:04 pm
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Mine is high. it's almost impossible to OD on B12. Vitalady use to state you want your B12 high. It can bottom out quickly.

I take a Multi and a B complex and B12 everyday- this is where I get my Bs.

The vits we have trouble absorbing are the fat soluble ones...A, D, E, K

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Thank you so much for the reinsurance.

Greatly appreciate it..

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I only do B12 every other day and whatever B's are in my multi. I'm regularly over 1000. It irritates the nutritionist but no harm in it.

The only B I've seen a very few people have trouble with is B6 being too high can cause problems. (loss of sensation, tingling, I think)

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Thank you, I spoke to Vitalady, and Don And Mitchelle they keep theirs in 1900s

K P.
on 3/13/17 12:17 pm
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Mine is in the 1900' and I don't take any B vitamin supplements. Mines been high ever since surgery.

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on 3/21/17 4:39 pm

Thank you for sharing

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