Size 12 Pants

on 6/16/17 1:29 pm

My friend gave me some pants she could no longer wear. She told me they were size 18. I never looked, never doubted her. I wore them to work today. She was so happy--she told me that they are really size 12 and that she knew that if she told me the true size, I wouldn't even try them on. (I was a very snug 24 before my surgery.) Not only do they fit, I look GOOD in them. By the way, I did look and they are labeled size 12. I'm so happy, I just might cry.

on 6/17/17 2:43 am - VA

Woohoo! Soon it will be single digits, baby!

5'1" -- HW 195/SW 187/GW 115 July 08/CW 121 Dec 2012

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on 6/19/17 5:14 pm - Suburbia, CA

Now that is one good friend! Woohoo!! for you for having a gal pal who gets you and your situation enough to devise the right lie to tell you so you can experience that happy surprise!

8.5 months post DSNormal BMI, woohoo!
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