surgery in a month!

on 11/6/17 9:36 am
DS on 12/13/17

Hi guys!

I am new to the forum. I am having the DS done in a month and am excited for the changes coming but super nervous about having the procedure done, mainly because this is elective surgery and I am a mom worried about the impact on my family. What are the complications, if any, have you encountered with the procedure itself and post op? I am not too worried about the adjustments and digestive issues, just the operation itself.



Janet P.
on 11/6/17 12:42 pm

Welcome Holly. Honestly I went into my surgery with no nerves at all, only excitement. I had 100% confidence in my surgeon and I had no complications from my surgery.

Who's your surgeon?

Janet in Leesburg
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Hazem Elariny

on 11/6/17 12:55 pm
DS on 12/13/17

Dr Mario Morales in STL, MO

on 11/6/17 6:02 pm
DS on 10/25/17

I'm almost two weeks out, so I'm just a bit past where you'll soon be!

I was nervous. I trusted my doctor and was excited about the procedure, but I was seriously second guessing myself the entire morning of up until they knocked me out. The impact hasn't been too big on my family - within a few days I was able to start making meals and cleaning up a bit. I'm still relying on them for some help, but I made sure to clean the house really well and stock up on freezer meals (like lasagna) before my surgery so that they'd be taken care of. I was in bed for a few days, forcing myself to get up and walk and was essentially useless. :) My husband worked from home the day of surgery and the two days following (and then it was the weekend), and that was really all the time I needed him for.

I'm still in a bit of pain, but nothing prohibitive. My stomach hurts a little, both inside and out, but I barely even notice it as I'm going about my day. I'm back to feeling more like my normal self.

I'm not allowed to have soft foods (proteins and veggies****il Thursday. But I seriously feel like if I have to eat one more thing of yogurt or one more soup I'm going to lose my mind. I'd like some variety again.

on 11/7/17 1:59 am - VA

Wishing you all the best, Holly. Just keep asking questions when concerns come up. There will be a lot of adjustments but you can do this.


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on 11/8/17 8:41 am - Parma, OH
DS on 04/15/13

Welcome. I was scared even wile they were wheeling me in but resolved I needed to do it.

I had no long term complications. Immediately post-op there were a couple of things that I found hard to deal with and yet would not be called complications.

I had a drain tube in for a couple of weeks after I got home and while it drained from the tube it also drained around the edges where the tube went into one of my incisions (laporscopic dis 5 small incisions). It worried me but nobody else was concerned.

I'm a side sleeper and for the first 4 or 5 weeks I couldn't sleep on my side because it hurt my stomach. Since I wasn't use to sleeping on my back in bed I slept mostly in a recliner.

Just try not to worry too much and ask away as questions come up. For the majority of us there are no serious complications. They happen, just not as often as your fears might lead you to think.


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