Weight loss chart?

on 11/8/17 9:17 am
DS on 10/25/17

I've seen some reference to a weight loss chart in old posts on this forum. Does it still exist?

Where do you start counting your weight loss? Day of surgery? Before you started your liquid fast in preparation for the surgery?

I suppose I'm wondering about typical weight loss in these first few months - like what an average weight loss percentage for the first month would be.

Janet P.
on 11/9/17 7:23 am

Just create your own. I simply used an Excel spreadsheet. I used the weight from day of surgery. Use whatever number you want to use.

There really is no "typical" weight loss. Remember we're all different so no two people who have the same experience with the DS. I can only share my experiences with you.

I started at 320 pounds (female 5'3"). I was quite fanatical about everything - I weighed and measured everything I ate for quite a while - basically a way to learn how to eat with my new insides.

I lost 5 pounds a week for 5 months = 100 pounds. No plateaus, no changes. As soon as the doctor cleared me (about 3 months post-op), I joined a gym and started working out (I had a trainer for a while to learn how to work out, having never been in a gym before). I hit my first plateau when I quit smoking. After the adjustment I started losing again. It took me the next 5 months to lose 50 pounds, and then the remaining 25 came off over probably another 4-5 months.

I followed the 30/60/90 rule - 30 grams of protein by 30 days post-op, 60 grams by 60 days, etc. I still eat a minimum of 120 grams of protein a day. I counted carbs and protein. Nothing else. I supplemented protein the first couple of months with shakes until I could get all my protein from food. I drank at least a gallon of water a day. No coffee for the first 6 months or so.

Keep asking questions!!

Janet in Leesburg
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Hazem Elariny

Laura in Texas
on 11/9/17 9:02 am

Click HERE for the OH Post-Op Planner. It was very accurate for my loss. I used my stats on the day of surgery.

Laura in Texas

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on 11/17/17 9:05 am
DS on 10/25/17

This was extremely helpful, thank you. I also saw my doctor for the first time post-op yesterday and he told me that average DS weight loss was 15 to 30 pounds a month, which is kind of what I was looking for. What was average. Your chart provides those averages as well. :)

on 11/10/17 5:30 am - Parma, OH
DS on 04/15/13

I didn't find any bmi based charts very helpful. I'm at a good weight but per bmi still obese and the thought of getting down to what the charts say is normal, for me, seems a step too far. I'ld be happy to be closer but for the moment I'm going back and forth around 230. I'm 6:1 and 4.5 years out.

For a long time I kept two weights in mind. Weight loss from my high point and weight loss from the day of surgery. I still keep them both in mind but mostly talk about total weight loss post surgery. I charted my weight and BMI for the first year and a half. Majority of weight loss the first year, still a substantial amount the 2nd year along with several stalls in year 1.

It's really different from person to person. I think as long as the first 2 years as kind of a "golden" period but really the issue becomes the more weight loss you experience the slower total weight loss gets.

You tend to start to focus on additional things as time goes on, not just weight. NSV, non scale victories like getting in an airplane seat belt, meeting some exercise goal, New clothes* , shopping new places, etc etc.


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