on 1/17/18 1:26 am
It's been several years since I have been on this site and have missed it a great deal. I had a revision in 2013 from an RNY to a DS and have lost 160 pounds and maintained the loss for 4 years now. I feel great EXCEPT my iron has tanked. It is at 6 instead of in the 40's. I wasn't having to many issues until 11/2 years ago when we had a severe car accident and I broke my hip, had a hip replacement and needed 2 units of blood after surgery. I know my low iron is from a combination of things- WL surgery, hip replacement, stress etc. Is it ok to take double the amount of iron a day to get it back up to normal or am I going to have to do iron infusions? I have an appointment with a hemotologist on Monday but they aren't always savvy to WLS patients and most of them have never even heard of the DS. Looking for advice. PS- I did start eating liver!


on 1/17/18 2:02 am - VA

I would guess that iron levels that are that low aren't going to come up using oral supplements. I hope your hematologist will do his/her homework and know how to treat a WLS patient. If he won't listen to you, shop around for one that will, or perhaps ask your surgeon for a referral to one that knows about iron absorption and WLS patients. Keep us posted.


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on 1/23/18 7:43 pm
Thanks Gina,
Had my first appointment yesterday and had my first infusion right after so I think I'm on the right track. I switched Drs. and loved the second one. He was very knowledgeable in bariatric surgeries and malabsorption. He spent a lot of time listening then educating me on my numbers. Over all I am very healthy with great numbers in everything but VIT D and my iron. He thinks between my WLS surgery, other surgeries and then breaking my hip in the accident my iron just spiraled down. I was so occupied trying to recover from everything that I just didn't catch it. He wants to follow me for the next year to make sure I get on track and stay on track. They did the infusion that only takes 15 minutes instead of the 3-4 hours. I think its called Injectafer and is supposed to be very affective.
Janet P.
on 1/17/18 9:23 am

They just need to understand malabsorption, not specifically the DS. Maybe they know about the RNY - it's still malabsorption. Go armed with printouts of articles, etc., that describe the procedures. Be willing to explain it to them. Hopefully they're wiling to work with you (and educate themselves).

My hematologist hadn't heard of the DS but had several RNY patients so he "got" the whole malabsorption. He's been great.

No amount of oral iron will help your ferritin of 6. You need infusions.

Good luck!

Janet in Leesburg
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on 1/23/18 7:24 pm
Thanks Janet-
Went for a second opinion and had my first infusion yesterday and will have my second one next Monday. First one was a little rough so hoping the next one will be a little better.
on 1/23/18 7:56 am - Parma, OH
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Were you on iron before that? I would guess part of the answer for an infusion would be how well did you absorb iron beforehand. I would push for an initial infusion to get you back up to speed as quickly as possible. Even if you absorb OK ( for a DS'r ) it will still be a slow process.

Good luck.


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on 1/23/18 7:22 pm
Hi Pete,
I've never needed to be on iron until lately. I guess I should have been taking it all along to prevent this. I did end up having an iron infusion yesterday and will have one again next Monday. I chose to go to a different Dr. and liked him much better. He had a good understanding of weight loss surgery and was right on top of it, insisting I do the infusion yesterday right after my appointment. The initial infusion made me pretty sick-
nausea, diarrhea, headache. I just felt like crap but am starting to feel much better now. Hopefully my next infusion will go better. This Dr. is going to monitor me for the next year so that was comforting to know that I had that follow up.
Kathy S.
on 1/24/18 8:19 am - InTheBurbs, XX
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When my hair was falling out and my iron got really low I reached out to my mentor Charlie that helped me when I had surgery. Here is what she sent me and it has worked like a charm. Check with your doctor first :-) My labs have been great ever since.

Kathy, this works. Liquid is best but it stains teeth so if you do this, make sure to toss the iron back or use a straw to keep if off teeth. Try this until your next test. I take a whole ounce every day. We need more than the average person. Here is a site to order liquid and it's on sale for $5 a bottle. Good buy. I mix it with about 2 ounces of OJ or grapefruit juice. Makes it way easier to take. But you can chew Vitamin C supplement with it and it's best on an empty stomach. I just take it last thing at night then I have the 2 hours 'after' covered :) Iron Supplement (Ferrous Sulfate) Liquid 16 oz., 1 Bottle

Iron Supplement (Ferrous Sulfate) Liquid 16 oz., 1 Bottl... McKesson, Iron Supplement (Ferrous Sulfate) Liquid 16 oz., 1 Bottle, Betty Mills Price: $5.08 Per Bottle, MON 16162700, MON16162700, Generic OTC Meds, Minerals...

View on www.bettymills.com

Here are my iron rules. Charlie's Iron Rules:

1. Do not take calcium supplements or vitamins containing calcium within 2 hours either side of taking iron. Calcium and iron bind together and leave the body with no benefit of either.

2. Take only liquid iron and take it with a little orange juice or a chewable vitamin C....iron needs acid to absorb. Liquid isn't as constipating as pills, but if it's a problem, increase fiber during the day.

3. NO coffee or tea (herbal is ok) within 2 hours either side of taking iron. It's not the caffeine; it's the tannic acid that inhibits iron absorption.

4. NO soy products within 2 hours either side of taking iron.

5. Very important.....NO dairy within 2 hours either side of taking iron. That includes butter, milk, cream, cream cheese, ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese.....NO DAIRY.

6. Try not to eat foods that are high in calcium or calcium supplemented when eating iron rich foods. IE.....don't have butter and sour cream on a baked potato when you have that steak J

7. Cook as much as you can in cast iron. Some iron rich foods include:

· Red meat

· Egg yolks

· Dark, leafy greens (spinach, collards)

· Dried fruit (prunes, raisins)

· Iron-enriched cereals and grains (check the labels)

· Mollusks (oysters, clams, scallops)

· Turkey or chicken giblets

· Beans, lentils, chick peas and soybeans

· Liver

· ArtichokesSome calcium rich foods include:

· Cheese

· Yogurt

· Milk

· Sardines

· Dark leafy greens like spinach, kale, turnips and collard greens

· Fortified cereals

· Fortified orange juice

· Soybeans

· Fortified soymilk

· Enriched breads, grains and waffles

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on 1/25/18 11:36 am
Thanks so much Kathy. It was very helpful. I copied it so I could put it on my fridge. I know a lot of this stuff but I forget until its almost too late and I really need it.