Will I be able to get all vitamins from Celebrate?

on 1/20/18 2:15 pm

I'm prepping for a revision: sleeve to DS probably in March. I'd like to take vitamins starting now. It looks like I can put together everything I need from Celebrate, which would make things simple. I'm trying to get the most nutrient dense supplements possible with as few pills/patches as possible. Thanks everyone!

on 1/20/18 7:57 pm
DS on 11/11/14

No they will not be adequate. You will need lots of pills period. Dr Smith your surgeon?

on 1/20/18 11:13 pm

First, forget patches. A whole group of us tried them and they pretty much don't work. Next, forget Celebrate. That is a revenue producer for bariatric practitioners and they are too low dose and too expensive.

Go to vitalady.com and print out her DS list. And look at how much you have to take of each supplement. After you have that down, you can get whatever ones you want. We need DRY(water miscible) A, D, E, and K so the capsules full of oil are not for you.

You are going to be taking a lot of pills every day for the rest of your life. No way around it.

on 1/21/18 9:47 am - bay area, CA

The DS is a package deal. You get the best bariatric surgery available for excess weight loss and for maintaining that weight loss, AND for resolution of almost all comorbidities. But you also get the vitamin and mineral requirements. There is no way to get around them, minimize them, simplify them, etc. You just need to accept them.

None of the "combined" products will have anywhere close to enough of each component for you, and they also won't allow you to adjust each needed component individually, for example, take more D but keep A the same, etc. You need to accept that you will have to take "dry" A, D, and K separately, take multivits, zinc, maybe copper. You might - or might not - need B 12. Some people do, some don't. You will need to follow your labs yourself (trust no one!) and adjust things as needed BEFORE you become deficient, as it's much easier to maintain good levels than it is to correct them after they tank.

But good for you for starting now, and for recognizing how important this is.


Beam me up Scottie
on 1/21/18 5:02 pm
DS on 02/17/06 with
Nope to the patches, and nope to Celebrate vits.

Go to vitalady.com and look at her starting routine for DSers. You can start with that and then pair down or increase based on labs.

Janet P.
on 1/22/18 8:16 am

Agree 100%.

Janet in Leesburg
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Hazem Elariny

on 1/22/18 3:04 pm

Wow, thanks everyone! I've visited Vitalady's site, but didn't realize she had a printout for every procedure. I'm not averse to taking lots of pills, not at all. But I like efficiency!

on 1/23/18 7:52 am - Parma, OH
DS on 04/15/13

Some people start off with some of the chewables from celebrate but it is a pricey option and as things heal they tend to move to cheaper versions. People have already pointed out the pitfalls of the multi ADEK approach and I agree with them. I'm a little more forgiving in the first 3 to 6 months though. If it allows you to work your way up to a regular vitamin regime than it is an OK stepping stone.

I remember being pretty dismayed when I counted up my initial list of vitamins to take daily. Once I got in the habit not a big problem but kind of a shock to see it all down on paper. :) Over time the list has gotten a little smaller. I definitely wish I had gone to Biotech vitamin D right away (50k) rather than fritter away the first 6 months adding 5k here and 10k there to pull up my D levels but you ewnd up starting with where you are comfortable and keeping yourself open to modifying everything based on your labs.


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Valerie G.
on 2/9/18 12:22 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA

Celebrate won't even be close to what you need, and will cost a lot more than what you really need to pay.

I also recommend against patches. I tried those for 9 months with good nutritional levels, and my iron, D and A tanked while using them.

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