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Janet P.
on 2/2/18 8:41 am

I've never broken it down like that but it's interesting. I'll try to pay closer attention and report back.

I do take Devrom (two pills three times a day) and I feel it helps me with the odor. Doesn't work for everyone.

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Hazem Elariny

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Interesting. Some of that from the milk products sounds like me when O was freshly post-op and had some lactose intolerance. That eventually went away for me but a lot of gas to start with powdered and regular milk. Not so much for cheese and yogurt.

I find if I can get to a BM first I eliminate a lot of the gas issues. It's just the longer a high fat food is in my gut the more gas prone I am but I haven't really correlated the smell level. :)

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