If I am low on Vit D do I need to get it higher before DS?

on 2/5/18 6:01 am
Hi everyone, so I was a member years ago and wanted a DS. Had insurance that flat out would not cover WLS. Was still trying to figure out to self pay when I got pregnant with my third child. Fast forward five years and my husband once again supports me getting WLS. My BMI is close to 60, and I have been this weight for 7 yrs now. I am in relatively good health except for sleep apnea which I am trying to work on. Have not tolerated a CPAP and just found out I have deviated septum. So getting a new sleep study and if I still have the same issues will get the septum fixed to see if that allows me to tolerate CPAP. But in the mean time my iron and vit D levels are low. D is 14 and got rx D to get it up quickly. Should I hold off until my vit levels are better? Will a surgeon make you wait until you are better since DS makes maintaining vit levels harder?

Side note: my new insurance seems like it overwhelmingly approves of WLS. Just really hoping it also covers DS. I have some relatively close options for surgery as I am in MD and John Hopkins has several drs who perform it.

Looking for any or all thoughts and insights. Thx!
Janet P.
on 2/5/18 8:11 am

I never used the nasal cpap mask - I always used the full face mask - did you try that?

You need to check with the doctor about low levels. Most people (in general) have low D except if you live in the south or west (sunshine states). You won't get the answers you need here unless you contact a surgeon because every insurance company and every surgeon is different. If you don't find anyone at Johns Hopkins, check with Dr. Elariny in Fairfax. He's an expert at the DS.

Janet in Leesburg
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Hazem Elariny

on 2/11/18 10:07 am
The issue with Dr Elariny is that he doesn't submit to insurance and that's the only way that I can afford it and because of that he is also not in network. I would prefer him all things told. But I also have to be able to afford the surgery.
on 2/11/18 10:12 am
But will ask about the full face mask. I felt like I was suffocating while it forced air down my nose only. I am a mouth breather (likely due to small airways) and it forced so much air in my nostrils that it hurt.
on 2/5/18 10:21 am - bay area, CA

It would be best to get your D a lot higher now, while it's easier for you to absorb D. The prescription form may work now, and won't work after your DS because it's packaged in oil, and oil = fat, and we absorb very little fat. So post-op you will need the "dry" D that you purchase OTC.

Be advised that no one at Johns Hopkins does the DS. So, if you go there for a consult, you are wasting your time. There are DS surgeons in your part of the country, but not there.


on 2/5/18 11:09 am

Work on it while you are waiting but don't delay surgery for this issue. If you want a DS, you need to go to someone who does the DS. And beware there are a lot of look alike procedures out there that are not the real DS.

Think of this like car shopping. If you want a Toyota, you don't go to the Ford dealer. But that Ford dealer has a lot of cars he wants to sell you and he will try to make you settle for what he has to offer. Think critically and don't settle for something less than what you want!

on 2/5/18 1:41 pm
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My D was low pre-op though not as low as yours. I'd recommend dry D. Biotech D3 50k iu. You'll need it post op as the prescription stuff isn't absorbed by DS'ers. I started taking one every other day pre-op to get my levels up, it gets harder post op

on 2/6/18 9:39 pm
DS on 10/25/17

Is there a tablet version of this? I only see gel capsules like on Amazon. I want to make sure I'm getting the right thing.

on 2/7/18 3:22 am
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I agree with the don't delay the surgery folks. Vitamin D won't matter to your surgeon.

As a practical matter you should do whatever you can pre-op to bring up all your vitamin levels.
It is just harder after the DS with the malabsorption in place. Better to be at a point where
you can maintain post-op. Not impossible post-op, I don't mean to suggest that, it just a lot
easier pre-op and gives you a great base going forward after the surgery.

Congrats on your decision and I hope the approval process goes smooth for you.


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