Can't find Carbonyl iron!!

on 2/9/18 7:51 am

I can't seem to find the sundown natural carbonyl iron anymore.

What other types of iron can we take? What about Ferrous Sulphate?

I'm trying to avoid buying from Vitalady, as I live in England, and the shipping cost will be quite pricey.

on 2/9/18 8:07 am

How about Iron Bisglycinate. And is chelated iron ok?

on 2/9/18 8:20 am - Parma, OH
DS on 04/15/13

The Bisglycinate is fine. It is a form of chelated iron. On the whole chelated products are a little bit more bioavailable than non-chelated products and easier on the stomach.

Carbonyl iron is suggested because it is usually easier on the stomach than other non-heme irons like ferrous sulfate but many people take the other types of iron without any stomach issues so you could give it a try. The non-heme irons are all some combination of iron and other minerals. Look at the "elemental" iron totals to compare different types.

Heme iron, like Proferrin, is more expensive but more effective since it is more like actually eating iron rich foods. There are also fewer restrictions of when you can take heme iron but most people respond just as well to the cheaper and easier to get non-heme irons.

You might also look for other brands that use carbonyl iron. Not sure about England but there are a couple of over the counter brands in my local drug stores that are carbonyl based. Still easier to find ferrous sulfate type products though.

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on 2/9/18 9:11 am

Thank you so much for your reply PeteA,

I've been struggling with low iron levels for a while - and now this...I was starting to sweat.

Just to recap (I'm a bit slow), do you mean that I can take any kind of iron as long as it does not upset my tummy? And the best form of iron are Carbonyl and Heme.

I heard that Ferrous Sulphate is not absorbed well by DS'ers?

I usually take carbonyl iron with vit C and copper on an empty stomach, and wait for 45 mins before I eat something.

I can't seem to find Heme iron.

Below are links of iron that are available to me, would you mind advising which ones you think are ok to take? (for now, and once the carbonyl is available, I'll be back on that). le-Capsules/10625 U/ref=sr_1_6_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1518194238&sr=8-6&keywords=iro n%2Bvitamins&th=1 Supplement/dp/B0013G36II/ref=sr_1_3_s_it?s=drugstore&ie=UTF8 &qid=1518195118&sr=1-3&keywords=heme+iron


on 2/9/18 12:12 pm - Parma, OH
DS on 04/15/13

So I'm sure more people will chime in as time goes on. Of the 4 listed I would rate them this way.

Solgar and Thorne with the bisglycinate probably the best absorption.

Then the ferrous gluconate over the ferrous sulfate since gluconate is a little better absorbed.

If you end up with the gluconate or sulfate you may want to add a piece of meat or a cracker as
they might be a little harder on your stomach. Especially the sulfate I think. While I do think you an take any kind of iron the 2 qualifications are first like you said the upset stomach part but the other is that what you take is effective based on your labs. I know it seems strange why one would be more effective than another but some people change types a just do better. I put it down to quirks between individuals and individual surgeons but that just means I don't know.

BTW - good deal to take the Vit C with the iron.

Best is a relative term since people can be pretty different. Carbonyl is a non-heme iron and is 100% elemental iron unlike say ferrous sulfate where you take 325mg to get 65mg of elemental iron.

I know early on people thought ferrous sulfate was not good for DS'r. That isn't always the case although some people have trouble with absorbing any iron supplement and they eventually settle back for occasional iron infusions.

Proferrin is a brand name of a heme iron. I tried searching the UK amazon site for it and got no hits just links to the actual web site They are just different, some people in the US can get it via prescription to lower the cost. You can't really compare the two directly because the absorption mechanism in the body is different. In a perfect world a heme iron like Proferrin is the best choice but if others work than you are down to ease of ordering, cost, etc.

I hope this helps. I did a lot of reading early on about this and for someone that just wanted the "right" answer was a little dismayed that it wasn't that simple. :)


 HW  552    CW  229  SW 464 4/15/13 - Lap DS by Dr. Philip  Schauer - Cleveland Clinic.



on 2/10/18 10:41 am

Thanks Pete,

I shall go with the bisglycinate iron. I really appreciate your help:):)

See if I absorb this, if not I shall experiment with the other types of iron, Proferrin seems pretty good.