Hemoloysis Dashing due to extremely low vitami ns

on 2/20/18 8:02 am - Bremerton, Wa

Hello all,

I am writing to ask has anyone who had duodenal switch ever ended up with hemoloysis ? My hemotologist said I have this condition because of my duodenal switch surgery I had almost 8 years ago . Because I do not absorb vitamins and minerals correctly, they say my protein does not protect the red blood cells right and when my copper and zinc get low, they attack the red blood cells to try and get what they need which kills off the red blood cells.

I then get a horrible rash all over my body and my my muscles ache and are very weak. My legs and arms swell and retain fluids. So please if anyone has this happen can you tell me what you do.

Thank you,


on 2/20/18 10:32 am - bay area, CA

Your hematologist is sort of right, in that you probably wouldn't have copper and/or zinc deficiency if you hadn't had the DS. But the key is to have levels of these minerals checked along with your other labs and replace right away and as generously as needed.

I know two other people who developed copper deficiency. One has done great with oral copper once we figured out what the problem was, the other has required copper infusions and is still struggling with this issue. I haven't run into anyone yet with zinc deficiency, except you, apparently, but both zinc and copper are on the list of labs my surgeon has his patients follow at least once/year. You may need to check them more frequently, so much of this stuff is individual. But the bottom line is to supplement whatever you are deficient in, and if oral doesn't work, there are injections available, and hopefully you doc will be willing to order these for you and not just criticize the surgery you had to save your life.


on 2/20/18 10:49 am - Bremerton, Wa

Thank you for letting me know. I am miserable and this ra**** produces all over my body is killing me .

on 2/27/18 10:05 am

My zinc was low 18months post op but I took zinc tabs and seems to be within the normal range. At 2 yrs I am having some soft tissue issues around by joints. Bones seem fine. I am trying to track that problem down. I'm sorry about your issues but zinc isn't just an isolated case.

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