RNY to DS needed asap with self-pay.

on 3/15/18 10:29 pm

So does anyone know a Dr in Mexico that actually does a real rny to ds revision. MBC told me Dr. Esquerra does not do that revision. The other hospital in Mexico want to talk me into another type of revision for my rny, I know why I want and need.

on 3/15/18 10:33 pm

I don't think there is an experienced RNY/DS revision surgeon in MX. The best is probably Keshishian in CA.

on 3/15/18 10:53 pm

Thanks. I don't know why this has to be so hard and so damn expensive.

on 4/24/18 10:26 am - San Antonio, TX


My new doctor does this type of surgery. BMI of Texas, they may be able to assist you. They are going to be doing my revision.

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Janet P.
on 3/16/18 4:01 am

Not sure where you live but Dr. Hazem Elariny also does the RNY to DS. He's in Fairfax VA.

It's a very complicated surgery, which is probably why there's no one in Mexico who does it and why there aren't more DS surgeons who do this.

Janet in Leesburg
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Hazem Elariny

on 4/27/18 1:36 am

I live in Fort Worth, TX. Thanks for the info.

on 3/16/18 10:13 am - bay area, CA

To the best of my knowledge, there are no surgeons in Mexico doing this very complex form of revision, and even if there were, I would not recommend going to Mexico because of the high rate of complications, possible need for more than one operation if complications occur, etc.

There are very few DS surgeons in the USA doing this revision because it's complex and the risks are substantial. I say this not to talk you out of it, just to say that your options are limited and yes, it's going to be expensive. I second the recommendation for Dr. Keshishian, would add Dr. Rabkin in san Francisco to the list, Dr. Elariny (if you are back East) is also very well regarded, and Dr. Ayoola in Denton, TX, Dr. Simper in Utah, and Dr. Boyce in TN.


Valerie G.
on 3/17/18 6:17 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

I'm not sure if they do revisions, but two more out of country docs worth investigating are Dr. Jao Marchanesi in Brazil or Dr. Baltazar in Spain. I'm hoping some of their patients might have more information to offer so you may be able to contact them.

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on 4/22/18 7:12 pm

I did my research no surgeon in Mexico that does a Rny to DS revision. I just had mine done in SLC with Dr. Steven Simper great surgeon and would recommend him to anyone. I was self pay used my 4o1K to pay for my surgery.

on 4/23/18 9:36 am
VSG on 06/18/18

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