Insurance approved today.

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DS on 08/13/18

Found out today that my insurance company authorized my DS surgery! Looks like August 13th will be the day!

Originally I thought I was going to get the RNY, but changed to the DS. My only concern now is I had researched and learned how to live with gastric bypass - diet, how to eat, etc. but now I'll be getting the switch. I have researched/asked/learned quite about about the vitamin and mineral supplements I'll need (which is a lot!). I can't say that I'm really sure how to eat with the switch, especially durning the first couple of years before maintenance. Any tips/simple instructions?

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High protein (100+grams)

Full fat

Low carb

That's it.

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I'm not sure who your durgeon, but true DS surgeons are becoming more scarce. If yours really didn't want to do a DS, it may be because they dont really do them. Many surgeons will say they are doing a D'S, but what you get is a fidral RNY, or a sadi,s or something else.

I'm not saying that is what's going on, but it happens a lot. Just be sure.

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DS on 08/13/18

Hi! I've done some research and communicated quite a bit with others about this. He does do a proper two-anastomoses DS. He never said he couldn't do it, but there was concerns about insurance coverage and the insurance company actually paying the claim after it's all said and done. He's gotten stiffed in the past on DS surgeries, even after they are pre-authorized.

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Easy steps.

First 3 months hydrate first, Protein second, vitamins as you can in the first 2 months.
Work for protein goals of 30 grams in 30 days, 60 by the end of 60 days and 90 by the end of 90 days.

Early hydrate - lots of sips, gulping wasn't possible for me. Also experiment with hot, cold, and cool liquids sometimes one works better than the others.

Meals the first 2 years - protein first, skip any food labeled low fat. Try and be conscious of your carbs. The carb things depends on what kind of a tracker you are. I never tracked carbs or fat although I admit to a high carb day or 2 during stalls. Didn't break the stall but made me feel better and spend more time in the bathroom.

Depending on your surgeon you may go to real food fairly quickly or they may have a plan to introduce food slowly. These typically go all liquids, followed by soft foods ( think yogurt, cottage cheese, maybe chili. ) followed by more real foods.

Play around with protein shakes. Preference is to get your protein from meals but that is not always possible for everyone. I ended up with Optimum Nutrition 100% whey that I mixed with water. At the time I found the pre-mixed shakes just too filling.

IT's a start. Plenty of ways to hit your goals. Congrats and feel free to quiz about other areas or specifics. Usually somebody with experience or at least a somewhat informed opinion. :)

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DS on 08/13/18

This is good info, thanks. I went over the paperwork I had received from the nutritionist at the surgeon's office, it seems to not really differentiate between the different surgeries as far post-op diet is concerned. Maybe they were planning to provide more details at my pre-op appointment.

Pending clearance after an echocardiogram this week (EKG showed a "right bundle branch block") I'm still scheduled for August 13th, so fingers crossed.

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DS on 02/17/06 with
Really the only difference between RNY and the DS (diet wise) is that we can eat a full fat diet (maybe even indulge a bit in fatty meals).

You are a light weight, so eventually you will have to add in carbs at the end to slow or stop your weight loss.

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DS on 08/13/18

Just wanted update, I don't think I have in this particular forum..

Had my BPD/DS competed on 8/13. The first couple days post-op were pretty brutal. I was not expecting the level of pain and discomfort. Both my bowels and in particular my bladder took a few days to wake up from anesthesia which really sucked, since I had to have a catheter, and was really concerned about being able to urinate once I was released from the hospital.

Around Thursday or so I started to turn the corner and felt a bit better and was able to drink a little more to try to stave-off dehydration. I could sip so little the first couple days, I though there might be something wrong with my sleeve.

Here we are a week and a day later, and I feel pretty good. Just soreness from my lap sites in my stomach muscle wall, and am able to consume enough liquids that I'm definitely not dehydrated. All my plumbing seems to be working properly now.

I'm still on clear liquids, my first post-op appointment with my surgeon is this Thursday, so hopefully I'll be able to advance my diet. I'll have been on clear liquids for over a month by the time I see him, and I can't imagine that's good for me.

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