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on 2/21/19 10:21 am

Hi guys, I am 3 yrs out and my k is low with my annual blood work. I have never been on K.Is this unusual to not be on K regularly? Also should I avoid taking K with my other supplements?

What is the difference in K 1 and K 2?

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Janet P.
on 2/22/19 3:42 am

I supplement both. They are for different things - K1 helps your blood and K2 helps your bones.

Remember you need dry form of all the ADEK vitamins. I get both from Amazon. K2 is also called MK-7. If you google both vitamins you can learn what each one does. I have found over the years that I like to know why I take certain things.

You've proven why getting labs done is so important :)

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Liz J.
on 2/22/19 8:15 am - Saint Louis, MO
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ADEK were on my list when I first had my surgery. I take both the K1 and K2, I take mine a different times but with my calcium. Have you check the vitalady website? It's a good starting place then adjust as needed after blood-work. Since starting two years ago my b12 is way high so went down to once a week, everything else in high-normal range, so I just keep everything else the same until my next set of blood-work. Raise and repeat as needed.


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