Reasons to have common channel lengthened?

on 11/18/19 7:41 pm - Frankfort, KY

I had a DS surgery in 1/2013. Everything went well until 10 months later. At 135 lbs., my doctor said I was losing too much weight. I am 5'3" and at my worst, got down to 99 lbs. Ever since I have tried to eat more, I have had bad stomach pain, and more than the extra expected bloating, gas, frequent bowel movements, and also very urgent BM's. But it is mostly not diarrhea. I got up to 115 lbs. and stayed there a couple of years but still had all the problems. I have malabsorption problems, but my labs have always been good. I do have to keep an eye on my iron.

In April, I had to deal with C-diff for 6 months. I went down to 88 lbs. I am now at 104 lbs. Outpatient tests after c-diff show I have EPI. It is not curable. Your pancreas stops making the enzymes needed to break down your food, medicine, etc. so your body can't absorb it. I am on Creon 24,000 units 13 times a day. I am sick of being sick all the time.

Is this a possible reason to have the lengthening of the common channel done? I have always thought you only did that if you had bad labs.

I know that surgery won't cure the EPI. But today I had a bariatric doctor, (he only does sleeves and bands), say that the surgery doesn't always cure malabsorption issues. I do not have a DS surgeon close to me, and that is causing even more problems.

Janet P.
on 11/19/19 7:00 am

I suggest you find a DS surgeon to talk to. You may have to travel but you need an experienced DS surgeon. I do know that my DS surgeon (Dr. Hazem Elariny in Fairfax VA) has done at least one CC lengthening. Try reaching out first via email/phone.

I will not even attempt to provide advance on this but I'm so sorry you're dealing with all of these issues.

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

on 11/25/19 4:18 pm - Parma, OH
DS on 04/15/13

Sorry you are having to go through this. I've seen Dr. K in California will often consult remotely maybe something your current baratric doctor could try and set up since they don't do the DS or you could reach out directly.

Are you thinking that lengthening the channel will relieve some of the symptoms like the gas and the extra BM's? Doesn't seem likely to help the stomach pain but they might see something like adhesions when they are in that would account for the stomach pain

With the EPI do you have any indication that lengthening the channel will help? My quick overview was that you would be on the creon or something like it no matter what to replace the enzymes no longer being produced by the pancreas.

Do they have you on a different diet to lessen the EPI symptoms?

Lastly, and sorry I have no answers for you just questions, when you say you had malabsorption issues but your labs were good was it the frequent BM's you were thinking of or something else?


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