5 year surgiversary-SADI

on 1/27/20 2:01 pm
DS on 01/27/15

Hello all,

Five years ago today I had the SADI surgery. I was a type 2 insulin dependent diabetic on an insulin pump with concentrated insulin. No matter how much I exercised/dieted etc...my blood sugars and my A1C were high. My insulin resistance was off the charts according to my endocrinologist. I started experiencing double vision and was worried I would eventually go blind.

The day of surgery was the last time I had insulin. HW 250+ (not sure exactly since I stopped weighing myself). SW 225, Lowest weight, 135. CW 150. I have gained some weight since the surgery. Not because the surgery failed but because I haven't been as careful with my diet and haven't exercised as I should due to a crazy 2019.

I look and feel good and take no meds whatsoever. I was diabetic for 15 years before surgery. And now I've been a "recovering" diabetic for 5 years. I am grateful that modern medicine has created a procedure that helped.

For any of you considering weight loss surgery...do your research...pick the surgery you and your Dr. thinks is best for you...NEVER think this is cheating....NEVER let some stranger on this forum or any other tell you you chose the wrong surgery or that your choice was not as good as their choice. Each person is different and needs a different solution. The SADI was the best decision for me. Lastly, remember the saying, THE SURGERY IS JUST A TOOL. I have watched several folks eat and live after surgery the same way that did before surgery and they are gaining.

on 1/28/20 7:55 pm
DS on 07/18/19

thank you. you are a real inspiration. I had the sadi done 6mths ago. I feel physically great and I actually reached my short term weight goal today! But I've been feeling a bit down lately, I'm not sure why, since I'm doing so well. I had no complications what so ever and I barely ever vomit, which I know many ppl do at the beginning. I just feel a bit down that I had to physically change myself to be at a semi healthy weight when others eat all they want and still remain "skinny". your post really uplifted me. thank you!

on 1/28/20 8:27 pm
DS on 11/01/14

Congratulations on your success getting healthier. I had the SADi two months before you, and in many ways have a similar story. My HW was closer to 300lb, and low was 135lbs. I also gained back 35lbs and settled in around 160lbs. I'm very thin (29 waist, 32 length) and look almost impossible for a guy my age, but with old guy issues.

I can eat anything and not gain long term weight (at least for now). I've learned that not gaining weight is not always the dream people think it is, and poor eating choices get you one way or another (bloating, gas, impaired health). I'm curious what the long term effect of not gaining weight will be. As I get older, I'm concerned I'll become frail more quickly and lose muscle younger than I should. I guess time will tell.

Overall, wls has been a great positive and I'm very grateful for the blessing of better health.

Janet P.
on 1/30/20 9:56 am

Happy surgeriversary. Many of us experience some type of bounce back after hitting goal.

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

(deactivated member)
on 3/10/20 4:56 am

You are a real inspiration.

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