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on 2/6/20 6:47 am

Hi all, I had the ds in 2005 since then I have developed some serious health issues due to fatty liver disease. I'm trying to get my labs straightened out and not many doctors aren't familiar with the ds where I live. Could someone tell me what all vitamins and supplements we need and does Medicaid cover any of those? Also where is the least expensive and best place to order them. I knew and kept up very well for a long time but along with stage 4 decompensated cirrhosis I also have hepatic encephalopathy which makes it tough to do this on my own anymore. Please no bashing. I'm just desperate for a caring person to help me. Someone that actually knows what they are talking about. I have a pretty good idea what needs to be taken and yes I get my labs checked regularly. I know my adek are really low but I'm trying to find exactly what I need at low cost as I'm waiting for disability since I'm no longer able to work.

Thank you in advance for any help and advice

Janet P.
on 2/11/20 11:11 am

I get almost all my vitamins from Amazon. You MUST take the dry form because ADEK are oil-based and since we don't absorb oil/fat, you have to take them in dry form.

I have no idea about Medicaid. Since these are not prescriptions, I'm not sure if Medicaid will cover them (my regular insurance does not). I will say that no matter what, vitamins and supplements are absolute, whether you can afford them or not. You must take them.

Here's the list of what I take but this is based on my labs. You may not need some of them or you may need more of others.


Calcium Citrate - 630 mg elemental calcium per 2 caplets = 1260 mg

4 pills 3x per day

Centrum Women 50+

1 pill 2x per day

Vit A

25,000 IU Dry

1 pill 1x per day

Vit D3

50,000 IU Dry

1 pill 3x per day

Vit E

400 IU Dry

1 pill 1x per day

Vit K1

1,000 mcg

1 pill 3x per day

Vit K2

100 mcg

1 pill 2x per day

Vit B1

100 mcg

1 pill 1x per day

Vit C

1,000 mg

1 pill 2x per day

Magnesium Citrate

100 mg (elemental)

1 pill 1x per day


50 mg (Gluconate)

1 pill 1x per day


2.5 mg as Chelate

1 pill 1x per day

This is the list from my DS surgeon. I get these labs drawn once a year.


o Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

o PreAlbumin

o Iron

o Ferritin

o Vitamin B12

o Vitamin A Level

o Folate

o Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy

o Transferrin

o Intact PTH

o Phosphorus

o Hemoglobin A1C

o Lipid Panel

o Magnesium (Serum)

o Selenium (Serum)

o Zinc (Serum)

o Prothrombin Time and PTT

o Calcium

o Thiamin (Plasma)

o Vitamin E (Serum)

o Vitamin K1 (Serum)

o Vitamin B2 (Serum)

o Vitamin B3 (Plasma)

o Vitamin B6 plasma

o Copper (Serum)

o Osteocalcin N-MID

NOTE: Patient must be fasting for 8 - 12 hours to have Blood work performed.

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

on 2/17/20 8:18 am - Parma, OH
DS on 04/15/13

Hi there,

7 years out. First on cost, While I do citrical max (6 pills a day) when I need to get more calcium and there haven't been any BOGO at the local CVS or Walgreens they always have their house brands on sale and those worked OK for me too. The dose is slightly higher for the citrical but around 1500 mg split into 3 doses works for me.

I get my A, D, E, and K from amazon, dry versions (no gel caps) from biotech. The D will be the most expensive (I do 50k once a day and another 50k every other day).

I only started the E after 6 years out and I sometimes wonder about needing the K but better safe than to let it get out of hand.

I started a low dose of Zinc / copper about 2 years in.

"One a day" ( 2 per day) multi vitamin (sales, sales, sales). I switched from Centrum and Kirkland multi's (best price per tablet for me is kirkland from Amazon) but I switched because I needed one without potassium (go too high).

I take Vit C and K2 but I consider those expendable if finances are really tight.

I think for A, E, and K you might find veggie caps and some lower doses cheaper than biotech. Just keep an eye on the labs. (palmitate as the source for the vitamin A)

I hope that helps. Reach out with any other questions. No experience with Medicaid but while I haven't found a way to get insurance to pay for my vits if you can get a doc to write a prescription they migh cover the costs. ??


HW 552 CW 198 SW 464 4/15/13 - Lap DS by Dr. Philip Schauer - Cleveland Clinic.

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