What about exercise?

on 6/14/20 10:02 pm
DS on 08/18/20

Hello everyone! I am

new here, planning for DS in the upcoming monrhs. I am well informed but have questions about exercise. Considering malabsorption and the extent of weight loss, are you able to work out? (Lift weights, run, etc.) thank you all in advance!

on 6/15/20 7:22 am

After you recover from surgery you should be able to do anything. Well, at least anything you could do before you had surgery.

on 6/15/20 10:38 am
DS on 08/18/20

Thanks Patty

* Nicole *
on 6/16/20 6:01 am

Patty pretty much said it.

The only thing that will hinder you is you. I powerlift and do HIIT. My surgery makes no difference other than must eat more protein.

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Janet P.
on 6/17/20 3:51 am

My surgeon gave me the all clear about 4 months after surgery to start slowly. When fully healed I worked with a personal trainer and had absolutely no restrictions at all. Exercise really helped me maintain a steady weight loss throughout the entire losing process.

Follow your surgeon's instructions for exercise.

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