2 Years On Fortero for Osteoporosis

on 6/19/20 12:05 pm
DS on 10/18/12


I wanted to provide my 2 year update on Fortero. This drug can only been taken for 2 years and I have have great success. At the one year mark, I recovered 9% in my spine going from osteoporosis to none and I gained a half inch back. Now at the 2 year mark, I gained 3% in my femur. Still osteoporosis but much improved t score.

The plan now is to take prolia to solidify the progress made. Does anyone have experience with prolia?



Janet P.
on 6/21/20 6:01 am

That's great. I tried two rounds of Reclast and nothing happened - not worse, not better. The neurologist deemed it a failure. I deemed it not a failure but not a success. At least it didn't get worse.I think Fortero and Reclast are the same family. I'm meeting with my primary doctor this week. We've talked about Prolia and I'm probably going to try that and see what happens. I'm 17+ years postop (I'm 63) and have pretty bad t scores. Hope you see continued success.

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

on 7/6/20 2:25 pm

Janet, Consider this: discuss with your doctor in addition to any rx...adding 10thousand Vitamin D3 daily and vitamin K2.( it comes in 100 mcg @ wally world.10$/2 months supply Both are OTC)

Research came out about 2 years ago indicated K2 is the mineral mover in the body and returns excess in blood vessels to muscles and bones.Information said one would need to eat 30 lbs of broccoli a day to get sufficient of this Vitamin.K2.

...Both hubby and i have forms of Osteoporosis. his has been stopped.( he does take mineral in addition intermittently on a schedule... and is documented. I have no insurance so can not get testing.. but my strength is much improved...and no longer have muscle cramps. The article also stated there are K vitamins numbered 3 through 8 "discovered" as well. They are in process of investigating the action of each..I am 61, so right behind you... :>)

K1 is the one that thickens blood and K2 is a mineral mover.No actions on the others yet...

on 4/22/21 8:28 am

I have osteoporosis also. I was on Tymlos daily injections for 2 yrs. I had slight improvement. I was disappointed as with any medication you have to decide if the side effects are worth it. I felt so panicked when diagnosed I just blindly followed the recommendation for Tymlos. My doctor wants me to take Prolia next. I have refused. I took the time to research all osteoporosis meds and decided they aren't worth the side effect risks. Prolia for example, even after only one dose if you stop your bones will be more brittle and prone to break than before! So, for me, I have joined a high intensity workout gym, which research proves helps osteoporosis. I'm taking Vital Protein Collagen every morning and continuing to walk daily.
Just research and determine based on your knowledge of yourself what you feel is best! I hope whichever tout you choose you find healing!

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