How was your process?

on 6/30/20 9:53 pm

I just wanted to know how everyone's process is going. Before and after

on 7/1/20 11:34 am

I am coming up on 20 years post op so I just have a normal life. Well, at least quasi normal...

on 7/3/20 8:55 am - NC

We need to form a 20 year club!!! I so clearly remember saying "Yeah, but what will it be like 20 years from now...."

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on 7/1/20 12:22 pm - Nashville, TN
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On July 1, 2020 at 4:53 AM Pacific Time, JasmineC1999 wrote:

I just wanted to know how everyone's process is going. Before and after

I am very healthy 10 years after surgery. I watch my vitamins and supplement intakes and eat what I should and life is goo.




Janet P.
on 7/2/20 6:14 am

I'm 17+ years post-op. Healthy and living my life (I'm 63). Lost all my weight in about 18 months - 175 pounds and have maintained it. Plastics about 2 years post-op - TT and breast lift. I take my vitamins, eat my protein, drink my water to this day. Get labs done once a year. Currently have osteoporosis and working with my primary doctor (Reclast didn't work and now going to try Prolia). I also have to watch my iron - I rely on infusions - last one was more than 2 years ago and numbers are still go.

Other than that, life goes on!

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on 7/27/20 11:06 am

After more than 4 yrs, I still am in shock that I have kept the weight off. It took about a year to get to goal but I still had to keep amounts and types of food in a journal. It kept me honest. I had one small problem with a partial obstruction 4 months after surgery. I believe it was from not chewing cheese well enough. I follow the supplements religiously and get blood work done religiously. It's part of my job to make this a success. About a year ago I was worried about creeping weight(3 or 4 lbs) and went to a very low carb diet. Stopped grazing. Since then I am below goal and keeping it off almost a year already. I need a small hernia repair on abdomen but I'm waiting for a decrease in covid before I take the chance.

It's been a wonderful thing for me. I couldn't be happier.

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