What's Normal?

on 7/7/20 1:36 am

Hi Friends,

is it normal to have "Normal" bowel movements with the DS surgery? Not hard but soft formed? For so long I have had runny bowel movements but for a couple of days it was not at all runny. I know this is a gross topic, but I am just curious.



on 7/7/20 8:00 am

For me, it is formed but soft!

on 7/7/20 3:50 pm

Thank you, mine varies. I had a soft stool BM thinking I was constipated but It must've been something I ate because I'm back to my Loose bowels again.



Janet P.
on 7/8/20 4:29 am, edited 7/7/20 9:29 pm

Normal as in the old days before the DS - not in my experience. My normal is directly related to what I eat the day before. Low carbs closer to normal BMs. High carbs tend to give me runny BMs. For me, fat is also a huge influencer. That's how I know my malabsorption is still working

I've only experienced severe constipation once in my 17 years as a DSer. For me it was pain medication for a procedure I had a few days earlier.

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