Looking for Gastroenterologist in Maryland - preferably MONTGOMERY Cty

on 7/10/20 10:15 am
DS on 02/04/14

I'm having complication with nausea and vomiting which is impacting my ability to eating. As a result I'm suffering from chronic malnutrition with a secondary issue with hypocalcemia, anemia, protein deficiency and stomach spasms.

i am looking for a gastroenterologist that is familiar with Bariatrics since I have a bikini pancreatic duodenal switch which is very complex.

i don't have the same LARGER size as most people with a BPDS because I had a gastric sleeve prior to the BPDS.

I'm hope there is somebody out there that can make a referral.

Thanks in advance!!!

Janet P.
on 7/11/20 4:29 am

I have a gastro but he's in Reston (Shilen Lakhani). I've only seen him for colonoscopies over the years, but I had my DS in 2003 so he's familiar with the anatomy. I have a twisted colon, which is unrelated to the DS, so my situation is a bit of an anomaly. Not sure if your surgeon is involved at all in your situation.

I have a friend who had the DS and lives in Germantown - I'll reach out to him and ask if he knows anyone.

One suggestion would be to contact some of your local gastroenterologists in MoCo and speak to their physician's assistants. Interview them. Tell them specifically what your situation is and ask if they have any experience. I've done that before with many different kinds of specialists. Honestly that's how I found my hematologist.

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

on 8/9/20 10:49 am
DS on 02/04/14

Thanks Janet. Dr Elariny is my surgeon too. Although I've had difficulty locating him during COVID-19. I'm still really sick and in and out of the hospital. I have done research on Gastroenterologist here in MoCo and other surrounding cities but most don't want to deal with the complexity of the surgery or have no idea what Biliopancreatic Duodenal Switch means. I'm at my Wits end. I wish I still lived in Virginia because my insurance doesn't cover out of state except emergency room visits. Is there anything else you might suggest? I have a hematologists, neurologist and pain management doctor. However none have any additional insight. Everyone consistently says eat more but how can you when you nauseous all the time and vomiting when you eat any little thing. I do get hungry but it never has a good ending.

on 8/9/20 10:55 am
DS on 02/04/14

Oops forgot Bigger issue now is that I've been sick since March 2020 - I weighed 130lbs at the onset.

As of today I am currently 109lbs.

on 8/10/20 8:16 pm
VSG on 03/11/13

I used to live in Gaithersburg, I never had real good luck with doctors. I'd recommend reaching out to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. They have a great bariatric program and could probably recommend somebody, it's not that bad of a drive. Wishing you health and happiness.


on 8/11/20 7:39 am
DS on 02/04/14

Thanks Heather: Two steps ahead - working on it now. However it is a bit of a process and gathering of old doctors notes and reports but I'm pulling it together. However, in the end a group of doctors will determine if they're willing to take me on as a new patient. I think turnaround is 30 days. Wish me luck!!!

Much thanks to you for thinking outside the box!!!


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