Traditional DS vs duodenal jejunal bypass with sleeve gastrectomy,

on 8/3/20 3:45 pm

I'm in the pre op stage going through all the hoops with social worker, dietitian, PT and nurse practitioner along with taking a mindful eating class, food logging and exercise. I need to have all of them sign off on me before I get to see the surgeon.

Anyhow - the surgeons in the center I use, do the duodenal jejunal bypass with sleeve gastrectomy, and that's been proposed as well as a traditional DS. I've had a lap band for 15 years with no success.

I've read lots of articles, but haven't talked to anyone who's had the DJBS surgery.

Does anyone know the big difference between the two and benefits first hand to either one? I'd like to be prepared as possible for when I meet with the surgeon.


Janet P.
on 8/5/20 9:54 am

I had my DS (traditional) almost 18 years ago and I've never heard of the the surgery you mentioned. I did a quick google search and it sounds like it's a RNY with a sleeve instead of a pouch. Does that sound right? I have absolutely no idea what the difference or benefits would be. Can the surgeon give you the names of people who have had that surgery so you can reach out to them direction (or have him give them your name and let them contact you).

Good luck

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
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