Hunger and intolerance

on 8/14/20 3:31 pm
DS on 07/18/19

so I'm a bit over one year post op. Sips/ loop ds/ Sadi-s. I'm having a hard time with food. Lately I feel like everything I was eating made me sick. I tried really hard controlling what I was eating. Cutting out certain food groups and things like that. I sort of gave up trying and my body just fixed itself on its own? I started feeling ok (not perfect but the intense pain and gas I was having was gone). But now something else started happening. I developed intense hunger that can not be satiated. I keep feeling PHYSICAL hunger. In the center of my stomach. I am constantly eating and I keep feeling the need to eat. It's not from dehydration because I'm also drinking a lot of fluids trying to stop the hunger. Any advice? (I kinda lost faith in asking my surgeon for help because when I told him that if I increase my fiber I get sick he told me I'm lying...) thanks!

Citizen Kim
on 8/15/20 5:47 pm - Castle Rock, CO

Sounds like GERD or an ulcer. Neither to be messed with. You need to see your surgeon or a GI specialist ASAP

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on 8/16/20 7:18 pm
DS on 07/18/19

I just started a second anti acid. I was taking omeprizole. I just started pepsid. It helping for the hunger. Thanks!

on 8/17/20 7:44 pm

I had the Sadi and was on omeprozole before the was, and still on it now. Otherwise no issues.

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