Would you do it again

on 8/20/20 5:16 pm
DS on 09/21/20

I have been scheduled for bariatric surgery on September 21st. As of right now it is set to be a duodenal switch. I have done the research and all that. I just want to know if you would do it again. If not why. And any complications that might have happened. Thank you in advance have a great day

on 8/21/20 10:34 am

Oh hell yes. And it would be DS or nothing. I had 8 coworkers who had the RNY and 7 of them weigh more now than when they had surgery. Nothing works better than the DS.

* Nicole *
on 8/24/20 5:53 am

Absolutely and only the DS. Im 15 years post DS no regrets.

And knowing what I know now about my crazy wacked out body, the DS was the only way to go. Im where I need to be trust me your body tells you, learn to really listen to it.

DS Aug 15th,2005 @ goal, living life and loving it.

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Janet P.
on 8/24/20 1:26 pm

I'm 17 years post-op DS. I would absolutely do it again. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Make sure you learn as much as you can to keep yourself healthy. Follow the rules!

Good luck!

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

on 8/25/20 11:01 am

Question for you! Because of your username. Is the VA paying for it? Thanks!

on 8/26/20 3:31 am
DS on 09/21/20

Yes they are it is s long process took me about 2 years. I had to go through the va process then my doctor made me do the same crap again it is crazy. The billing took 6 months to work there crap out.my va want send authorization tell I have a appointment but Duke want make a appointment tell they have authorization. It is stupid crap. But you can ask your primary care doc he will send you to move first then it goes from there. Buy the way I am 100% unemployable [email protected] Hope that help's

on 8/27/20 1:54 pm - Pittsburgh , PA
RNY on 12/19/17

Thank you for your service

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on 8/25/20 7:54 pm

Good luck with your surgery!

I have a consult with a surgeon on the 17th for DS. I originally had a consult with a different surgeon for gastric bypass. However, after more research I feel long term this is probably the best way to go. I don't want to have to do anymore surgeries.
I would love to hear how everything goes for you.

take care and stay safe!

on 8/31/20 8:56 pm

Good luck with your surgery!

on 10/17/20 6:43 pm - Chicago, IL

Would I do it again? Yes, yes, yes. A thousand times yes. Only thing is I would have done it years sooner. I had stomach stapling in 1996. I had ds in 2006. I don't think the ds was available in '96. I lost 80lbs in'96, '97. It came back and brought friends. I got down to 143 with the ds from 340 on the day of surgery. I leveled off at 150. But since Covid-19 and being stuck inside with nothing to do I've gained 24lbs. So now I'm not only bored but depressed and angry. Oh yeah, I've had no major complications.




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